David Lentz (Professor)

UNB Research Chair in Economic Geology

David Lentz portraitPhD University of Ottawa
MSc and BSc University of New Brunswick

Current Research Interests

I am interested in an array of complex magmatic-hydrothermal mineralizing and alteration processes, associated with the formation of massive-sulphide deposits (Bathurst Camp), porphyry Cu-Mo-Au systems, and Sn-W-Mo-Au granophile systems including their related skarn systems.  Of particular interest lately are the complex assimilation (syntexis and volatile fluxing of limestone-marbles by magma(-vapour) processes and their implications for mineralization processes, enhancing vapour saturation and solidification (endo- & exo-skarn reactions), as well as their implications for secular atmospheric CO2 emissions and related volcanologic implications.

Selected Publications

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