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vegan and veg society UNB

Be a part of the student movement! There are a variety of student groups on campus that contribute to sustainability at UNB.

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A group created to promote sustainability on campus. The UNB Green Team is made up of students from multiple societies, on both campuses, to promote sustainable living through education and events. If you're interested in the UNB Green Team, reach out to UNB Sustainability to hear more!

A group within the UNB Student Union that is committed to working towards a campus community that supports healthy and sustainable food systems. They also promote the environmental, social, and economic benefits of these systems through campus wide initiatives and programming, such as the campus community garden and fresh food bags.

A society within the Environment and Natural Resources program at UNB who organize events surrounding engagement with the environment and promote sustainable practices on campus.

An organization that focuses on international development, targeting sustainability through promotion of fair trade and local food products. They have recently introduced a platform surrounding sustainability and environmental consciousness with relation to their operations.

ArtZone is a home base available to students who are interested in creating art. Every year for World Water Day, ArtZone hosts a special exhibit to raise awareness to environmental issues that relate to water conservation. ArtZone also takes part and promotes many other sustainability activites throughout the year.

A club dedicated to providing students with wildlife-related skills and volunteer experience. They also host and promote sustainability related events on campus.

A society that aims to advocate for better presentation on campus in terms of food availability. They also want to foster a community of vegan, vegetarians and health enthusiasts on both UNB and St. Thomas campuses.