The Robert J. Collier VE9UNB Memorial Station facilitates UNB's Amateur Radio Club.  The station is named in honour of a Professor of Electrical Engineering at the University of New Brunswick. 

The station possesses four call signs, VE9UNB, VE9YFC, VE9CNB and VE9VLT.  VE9UNB is the primary call sign, VE9YFC is being used for a repeater, VE9CNB is planned for the CubeSat NB ground station and VE9VLT is planned for CubeSat VIOLET.  VE1RK and VE1UNB were former call signs of the station, when Nova Scotia and New Brunswick shared the VE1 prefix.  Other former call signs are VE1YFC, CG1UNB, CI1UNB, CY1UNB, CZ1UNB, VE9AS, and VX9AS.


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