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Snapshots of success

Between 2018-2023, UNB has managed:

technology transfer agreements

invention disclosures

Issued Patents

Creating Connections

UNB's Research and Innovation (R&I) Partnerships group, under the Vice-President (Research) is designed to maximize UNB's input into a sustainable economy in New Brunswick and beyond through the development and transfer of technology and knowledge. R&I Partnerships facilitates access to UNB for those who wish to tap into its knowledge base and research capabilities.

The two main functions of R&I Partnerships are:

  1. Opportunity development
  2. Technology and knowledge transfer

The office is guided by the idea that UNB has a role with industry, government and others to support a stronger, healthier and more innovative New Brunswick and Atlantic Canada.

Our Strategy

The strategy and commitment of the Research & Innovation Partnerships group is to:

  • Rapidly process requests received from faculty, staff, potential clients and partners, and supply follow up support services;
  • Identify research funding opportunities and research collaboration opportunities;
  • Expand the number of faculty participants;
  • Maintain open and regular communications with our clients and partners in order to remain abreast of their development strategies and to plan supporting activity accordingly;
  • Develop more effective identification of technologies with commercialization potential, and to expedite their transfer to industry, preferably in New Brunswick.

For additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us.