Intellectual Property at UNB


“Intellectual property (IP) is the term generally given to knowledge and created works where ownership or a right to use may be legally protected. It includes proprietary and/or technical information and knowledge, including scientific and technical discoveries and any knowledge in a form which is useful and transferable, and which may be protected by law.”

Source: NSERC General Intellectual Property Considerations and Guidelines for Collaboration

In the absence of agreements to the contrary, where inventors own their IP, these inventors (faculty, staff, students) have the option of assigning right, title, and interest in their IP to UNB, in exchange for access to funding, IP protection, commercialization assistance, the drafting and monitoring of agreements, and a share of commercialization proceeds. It is important to investigate, discuss, and document IP ownership in the early stages of a project, to help manage expectations and avoid future disagreements.

The Research and Innovation Partnerships group can assist inventors with the following items:

  • IP Ownership: Advise how terms in different collective agreements, policies,  guidelines and existing agreements (as applicable) affect IP ownership for faculty, staff and students at UNB considering, or involved in, commercialization.
  • Inventorship: For patents, explain the differences between inventors and contributors and how these differences impact patent applications, assignment agreements, etc.
  • IP Protection: Identify and define different types of intellectual property and methods for protecting this IP (such as patents, trade-marks, etc.)
  • Patenting Best Practices: Advise on best practices related to patenting, including keeping information confidential, publication and disclosure guidelines, timelines, costs, etc.
  • Commercialization Process: Manage the process (internal steps) involved in protecting and commercializing intellectual property when inventors assign their IP to UNB

Protecting IP

Some primary methods of protecting IP include:

  • Patent
  • Trademark
  • Copyright
  • Industrial Design
  • Trade Secret
  • Integrated Circuit Topographies

Please see the Canadian Intellectual Property Office to learn more.

IP Ownership at UNB


Visiting Researchers

  • IP ownership is outlined in the position offer (letter) from UNB (VP Academic)

Post-Doctoral Fellows (PDF)

  • This section is currently being updated. Please contact for more information.

Graduate Student Workers

  • This section is currently being updated. Please contact for more information.