UNB and the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering generously provide the antenna site, power and internet access for a DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) repeater on the roof of McLeod House.  All of the setup, equipment and maintenance costs are provided by the community of amateur radio operators in New Brunswick.  On Tuesday, August 27, 2013, the VHF 147.165+ VE9FTN DMR Repeater on McLeod House became operational.  At the time, the VE9FTN DMR repeater in New Brunswick was the most easterly DMR repeater in North America, but DMR is growing in New Brunswick and there are now repeaters in Moncton and Saint John and more being planned.  Further information about DMR in New Brunswick is available at the DMR-MARC repeater map.  A UNB alumnus, Don Trynor, VA3XPR, maintains a DMR repeater in Toronto; see Don Trynor's VA3XPR website.  The talk groups of the VE9FTN repeater are:

Time Slot Group Number Region
1 1 World Wide
1 13 WW English
2 11 WW French
1 3 North America
1 15302 Canada
1 310 TAC310
1 9999 Audio Test
2 3023 Ontario
2 3022 Quebec
2 3024 Manitoba
2 3026 Alberta
2 3029 New Brunswick
2 3027 British Columbia
2 3181 New England
2 2 Local

A list of repeaters that are accessible from VE9UNB, as well as frequencies of interest, are indicated in this table.

Frequency (MHz), Duplex Call Sign Location Owner, Notes
147.165 VE9FTN McLeod House, UNB Campus, Fredericton Independent, DMR
147.300+ VE9FPG Regent and Priestman, Fredericton Fredericton Amateur Radio Club
147.360+ VE9DGP New Maryland Tower Fredericton Amateur Radio Club, Echolink Node 237401
145.390- VE9FNB Vanier Highway Tower Fredericton Amateur Radio Club, Wires-X
449.250- VE9ZC Fredericton Fredericton Amateur Radio Club
147.120+ VE1BM Fredericton International Repeater Group
146.760- VE1PD Crabbe Mountain International Repeater Group
146.610- VE9SMT Scotch Mountain, Sussex International Repeater Group
145.330- VE9STM Grove Hill, Saint John International Repeater Group
147.030+ VE9NRV Stanley International Repeater Group
147.255+ VE9HAM Northside, Fredericton Independent, Tone 123.0
145.130- VE9HPN Dickie Mountain, Saint John Independent
147.390+ VE9PSA Baxters Mountain, Saint John Independent
145.190- VE9GLA Chipman, Bronson Grand Lake Amateur Radio Club, Tone 123.0
145.310- VE9OPH Oromocto Independent
145.030 VE9EMD-5 Crabbe Mountain Independent - Gary Purves - VE9AI, Packet
145.010 VE9SIX Scotch Mountain, Sussex Independent - Gary Purves - VE9AI, Packet
146.940 - Fredericton - , Repeater Appliance - Transmits Back Your Call Sign
146.520 - - - , National FM Calling
146.565 - - - , Local Foxhunt

In March and October, 2016, Flo, VE9EN, identified and recorded information about most of the analog repeaters and digipeaters that were accessible from VE9UNB.

On December 17, 2017, I was given a suggestion to check 146.910, 146.700 and 145.370.

The information in the table changes often and the second source of information is the Fredericton Amateur Radio Club, VE1CRA, and TAFL.

The third source of information is the International Repeater Group (IRG) and their network diagram.  The IRG maintains a system of about two dozen repeaters in the province of New Brunswick.  There are many functions, but with a small handheld mobile radio, also called a handheld terminal (HT), one can link all the repeaters together and the message spoken into the HT will be broadcast all over the province, in all major cities and communities.

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