The UNB Amateur Radio Club in the Robert J. Collier VE9UNB Memorial Station received the ARRL's Worked All States (WAS) Mixed Award #62094 on August 22, 2018.  For each year from 2013 to 2018, VE9UNB participated in the ARRL's Sweepstakes SSB radio contest and we have QSLs with 48 states.  In 2017, we obtained an FT8 QSL with Oklahoma.  Finally, under VE1UNB, a former call sign, we have a QSL with Arkansas from 1978.  All QSLs are in the ARRL's Logbook of the World.  This award is a result of the work of many student amateur radio operators over 40 years.

VE9UNB Worked All States (WAS) Mixed Award #62094, August 22, 2018

This is the 1984 award certificate for the DX Century Club, showing VE1UNB having worked 200 DX entities.  It is certificate #24,889, issued February 7, 1984, in the name of the UNB Amateur Radio Club, VE1UNB.  The certificate shows V. C. Clark, W4KFC, ARRL President and John F. Lindholm, W1XX, ARRL Communications Manager.

UNB Amateur Radio DX Century Club 1984

The affiliation certificate is signed by Harry J. Dannals, W2HD, Former ARRL President and Richard Baldwin, W1RU, Former ARRL Secretary, ARRL General Manager and IARU President; it is dated September 17, 1977.

VE1UNB ARRL Affiliation 1977

This is the award certificate for the station VE1UNB from the 1979 CQ World Wide WPX-CW Contest.  The two operators' call signs are not easily read from the image, but they were VE1BCZ (Steve Kavanagh, now VE3SMA) and VE1BHA (John Connor, now VE3TG).

UNB Amateur Radio CQ WW WPX CW Award 1979

A Ten-Ten International Radio Club certificate is in the shack, issued on August 22, 1977, 10-10 number 17937, currently held by VE9UNB.

1977 VE1UNB Ten-Ten Certificate

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