Robert James Collier UNB University of New Brunswick Electrical Engineering VE9UNB

The Robert J. Collier VE9UNB Memorial Station is named to honour the former Professor of Electrical Engineering at the University of New Brunswick. In 1968, he died at the age of 47. While he was at UNB, his contributions included the development of a microwave system used by NBTel, as well as RCMP radar systems. Bob Collier, VE1RC, was a unique individual and scholar at a time when uniqueness was valued and even treasured. He was full of curiosity about technical matters in Electrical Engineering and he encouraged the students to wonder, question and most of all to think. He was always accompanied by his pipe, although not necessarily with ample tobacco. He used to scrape out the inside of his pipe with a small jack knife and light up the residue. Technical conversations with him were always quite lengthy and since the pipe residue did not always stay lighted, it was not uncommon to find a neatly structured pile of spent matches on the lab bench where the conversation was taking place. As a hobby he grew roses, which year after year won prizes at the Fredericton Exhibition. He was greatly admired and respected by his students. The R. J. Collier Scholarship tries to foster his attributes through the recipients chosen for it.


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