University Teaching Scholar

Nomination deadline: December 1, 2018

The award of University Teaching Scholar is intended for University of New Brunswick teachers who have demonstrated a consistently high level of teaching excellence and teaching-related activities.

The award shall honour leading teachers at the university. Vice-presidents, deans, and directors are not eligible for nomination during their administrative terms.

Normally, no more than two University Teaching Scholar awards shall be made in one year and the term of the award shall be for a period of up to three years exclusive of any intervening period of approved leave. Individuals whose designation has expired are eligible for re-nomination.

The award shall carry no additional salary, but a grant of $7,500 per year will be provided to assist with activities indicated in the project plan submitted at the time of nomination. University Teaching Scholars shall continue to engage in teaching duties but can make use of the grant to arrange teaching reductions.

The awards will be presented at ceremonies, one at UNBF and one at UNBSJ, early in 2019.

Nominations shall be made by the appropriate academic dean to the vice-president (Fredericton) or the vice-president (Saint John). A recommendation for the nomination of an eligible teacher shall be made in writing to the appropriate academic dean by any five members of one or more faculties by December 1, 2018. When the dean receives a recommendation, he/she will request that the nominated individual submit a project plan of up to three pages, indicating the proposed activities which would be undertaken during the period of the award.

The nomination by the dean shall include the rationale for the nomination and normally reflect the receipt of a teaching award at the department, faculty or university level or an equivalent award. It shall outline the nominee's teaching accomplishments to date, the stage of his/her career, the significance of the proposed project for both the individual and the wider community, and the ways in which additional time would benefit the nominee's teaching.

Full nomination packages must be received by the VP Academic on or before February 1, 2019 from the deans. For complete guidelines click HERE.