UNB Merit Awards

The UNB Merit Awards recognize outstanding contributions to teaching, research and university service by members of the Association of University of New Brunswick Teachers. 

The awards are given annually on the basis of recommendations from faculty, Deans, Executive Director of the College of Extending Learning, Vice-President Academic (Fredericton) and Vice-President (Saint John).

2017-2018 Merit Award Recipients

Janet Austin, Faculty of Law (UNBF)
Marc Bragdon, University Libraries (UNBF)
Patrick Bruning, Faculty of Business Administration (UNBF)
Larry Calhoun, Department of Chemistry (UNBF)
Jeff Frooman, Faculty of Business Administration (UNBF)
Virginia Hill, Department of Humanities and Languages (UNBSJ)
Sophie Lavoie, Department of Culture and Media Studies (UNBF)
Jamie Miles, Department of Chemical Engineering (UNBF)
Erin Morton, Department of History (UNBF)
Ruth Shaw, Department of Computer Science (UNBSJ)