UNB Merit Awards

The UNB Merit Awards recognize outstanding contributions to teaching, research and university service by members of the Association of University of New Brunswick Teachers.

The awards are given annually on the basis of recommendations from faculty, Deans, Executive Director of the College of Extended Learning, Vice-President Academic (Fredericton) and Vice-President (Saint John).

Congratulations to the 2022-2023 Merit Award recipients who continue to propel UNB’s progress as an academic community to building a stronger, more vibrant tomorrow.

2022-2023 Recipients

  • Debbi Amirault, Faculty of Nursing (F)
  • Scott Bateman, Faculty of Computer Science (F)
  • Janet Blackadar, Faculty of Forestry and Environmental Management (F)
  • Joanna Everitt, Department of History and Politics (SJ)
  • Triny Finlay, Department of English (F)
  • Dinesh Gajurel, Faculty of Management (F)
  • Alex Goudreau, UNB Libraries (SJ)
  • Sharon Hamilton, Faculty of Nursing (F)
  • Lyle Hamm, Faculty of Education (F)
  • Heather Millar, Department of Political Science (F)
  • Janine Olthuis, Department of Psychology (F)
  • Scott Pavey, Department of Biological Sciences (SJ)
  • Jenny Rowett, Faculty of Education (F)