The Macaulay-O'Sullivan Awards for Administrative Service and Administrative Innovation

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Established in 2012, the Macaulay-O’Sullivan Awards were aimed at (1) expanding the opportunities to honour staff and (2) creating recognition for positive, immediate and creative initiatives that have an impact on the delivery of UNB’s mission.  The awards were named in honour of Beverley F. Macaulay, UNB’s first Vice-President Administration, who served from 1960 to 1974, and his successor, James. F. O’Sullivan, who held the office from 1974 to 1999. Both of these individuals were steadfastly committed to the principles underlying these awards and each exemplified the highest level of service.

Administrative Service Awards

These awards recognize individuals and/or units whose efforts have substantially exceeded expectations and enabled the University to carry out its mission and provide service, especially to students, of exceptional quality.  An example of this achievement would be the 2013 winner, The Classroom Support Hotline, providing a “one-stop-shop” for classroom issues and deficiencies.

Administrative Innovation Awards

These awards recognize individuals and/or units whose work has resulted in substantial improvement and/or heightened effectiveness by introducing a new process, system or product to the University community.  An example of this achievement would be the 2012 winner, myUNB Portal, creating a fully integrated and highly interactive “intranet” that consolidated all online services through one access point.


The Macaulay-O’Sullivan Awards program has been intentionally broad in its criteria and terms of reference in an effort to attract nominations from all parts of the institution, from non-academic support units to academic and student services, from the faculties to the libraries. The program is intended to encourage exceptional administrative service on the one hand and innovative problem-solving, what might be termed “applied creativity,” on the other. In support of the goals of our strategic plan, we collectively need individuals and departments providing outstanding service and we need new approaches  that are relevant, cost effective, efficient, transparent and, especially, innovative.

Overall Goal

In all cases, nominations for the Macaulay-O’Sullivan Awards will be held to the highest standard of excellence. The awards will stand for exceptional service, innovation and, above all, achievement.

Criteria –Administrative Service Awards

We invite nominations that:

  • Demonstrate outstanding service, above and beyond the call of duty, to internal or external clients
  • Transform university administration so it becomes exceptionally service focused
  • Improve transparency, accountability and responsiveness

This category recognizes activities that achieve or exemplify one or more of the following:

  • Outstanding administrative service to students
  • Outstanding administrative service to internal or external service recipients
  • Improved management of human, financial and/or physical resources
  • Enhanced health and safety
  • Provision of new services within existing budgets
  • Development of a best practice
  • Transferability to other departments

Criteria-Administrative Innovation Awards

We invite nominations that:

  • Have successfully introduced a new approach to workplace processes or systems
  • Exemplify effective risk-taking
  • Cause positive new behaviours or create new patterns of productive activity.

This category recognizes initiatives that achieve or exemplify one or more of the following:

  • Process innovation
  • Increased efficiency
  • Cost and/or time savings
  • Increased productivity
  • Innovative applications of technology
  • Increased revenue to the institution
  • Demonstrated entrepreneurship
  • Transferability to other departments


The Macaulay-O’Sullivan Awards program is open to ALL UNB employees, faculty and staff: full- and part-time; permanent, casual or on contract; members of all bargaining units and non-unionized staff. Student employees are eligible provided they were employed by the University at the time the service was performed or the innovative activity or program was developed and/or substantially implemented. Members of the University Management Committee are not eligible for nomination.

Awards will be made to individual employees or to teams, including interdepartmental or interdisciplinary teams, whose provision of exceptional service or innovative activity or program meet the criteria.

Number of Awards

Up to six Macaulay-O’Sullivan Awards in any combination of Administrative Service and Administrative Innovation will be awarded in any given year across both campuses. The Selection Committee reserves the right to make fewer or no awards in any given year if nominations do not meet standards of excellence.

Nomination Process

Nominations will be accepted annually by Human Resources & Organizational Development for an activity/program developed and implemented in the two preceding fiscal years (May 1 to April 30). For example, nominations will be accepted on or before TBD for services performed or activities or programs developed and significantly implemented between TBD.

Nominations of either individuals or teams of employees delivering a service or responsible for an innovative activity or program will be accepted. Teams may be composed of employees from more than one department or discipline.

Nominations must be made using the official form provided in this website.

Nominations require the signature of an appropriate vice-president, dean or director.

Individuals or teams that are nominated must be informed of the nomination, and agree to have their name(s) go forward.  

Nominations must be forwarded by the May 31 deadline to Human Resources & Organizational Development.

Selection Committee

The Vice-President (Administration and Finance) will chair the Macaulay-O’Sullivan Awards Selection Committee.

The Selection Committee will be appointed by the chair and composed of at least the following:

  • One member of faculty 
  • One member of UNBF staff
  • One member of UNBSJ staff
  • One Dean/Director or equivalent
  • One student
  • One UNB alumnus/alumna

 The Selection Committee will include representation from both campuses. Committee members will be appointed for one year at a time, but may be reappointed at the discretion of the Vice-President.