Inside Graduate Studies

UNB Fredericton Campus in the fall

Learn more about our programs, the admissions process, financial information, and life as a graduate student or find resources and services. Contact a Graduate Recruiter or one of our administrative staff for more information.

Fredericton campus

Graduate Program Officers Departments & Responsibilities                                                                                 

Gloria Hache

Faculties of Science, Computer Science, Kinesiology,

Heather MacDonald

Faculties of Education, Management

Sarah Hall

Scholarships, Student Services, Faculties of Arts, Forestry, Nursing

Divya Bhalla

Faculty of Interdisciplinary Studies

Gabriel Elder-Gomes

Faculty of Engineering

Daniel Snow

Operations Coordinator

Andrea Ruehlicke

Assistant to the Deans

Deans                            Responsibilities

Dr. Drew Rendall

Dean of Graduate Studies

Dr. Kevin Englehart

Associate Dean - Faculties of Science, Computer Science, Forestry, Engineering

Dr. Sasha Mullally

Associate Dean - Faculties of Arts, Kinesiology, Nursing, Education, Management (On Leave)

Dr. Erin Morton

Acting Associate Dean - Faculties of Arts, Kinesiology, Nursing, Education, Management

Dr. Dann Downes

Assistant Dean - Interdisciplinary Studies

Saint John campus

Administrative Staff Responsibilities

Susan Wilson

Admissions and Student Records


Dr. James Kieffer

Associate Dean - UNB Saint John