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Office safety

  • Do not let strangers into the building. Remember, as a key/card holder YOU are responsible not only for your own safety, but for all other authorized people within.
  • Never prop open doors to locked buildings. If you find a door that is propped open, remove the obstruction.
  • Keep your office door locked (even when inside).
  • Vary your departure times if you frequently work late.
  • If you require an escort, both Safewalk and Campus Security offer an escort to your vehicle, bus stop or on campus residence. An alternative is our app, UNBSafe.
  • Ensure that the receptionist is positioned so that it is literally impossible for anyone to access inner office areas without going through them first.
  • Have staff members come to the front and escort visitors back to the proper areas.
  • Do not allow strangers to wander your halls alone.
  • Check all identification from strangers wanting to enter your area. Remember that they are strangers and it is up to them to establish their identity to you. Legitimate visitors will not have a problem with this. All personnel should challenge strangers. In most cases a polite "May I help you?" is sufficient. Legitimate people will usually explain what they are doing in that particular area. Remember, dishonest individuals do not want to be seen or heard. In acknowledging their presence, you have "blown their cover."
  • Restrict office keys to those who really need them. Key and card access control is vital.
  • Check your own immediate work space. Are you trapped behind your desk in a corner if a situation should arise? Check your desk top. Do you keep potential weapons (scissors, message spikes, letter openers, etc.) on the top? Can you lock the door from the inside?
  • If you have windows and your office is visible from the outside, keep your blinds closed.
  • Keep purses and wallets in locked areas. Do not leave your wallet in your coat on a coat rack.
  • Do not leave any valuables in an unlocked drawer.
  • If you get on an elevator and there is someone on it or gets on it that you do not feel comfortable with, get off as soon as possible. Stand next to the panel so that you can activate the emergency alarm if a situation develops.