Obscene communication

What to do when an abusive/obscene phone call is received

Most often the caller is looking for a reaction to the call. Don't react. Don't ask questions to the caller (i.e. Who is this?) As this is what they want you to do. Hang up the receiver promptly and gently. The caller may wish to frighten you and this would provide the caller with a sense of accomplishment.

Never blow a whistle or yell into the phone. The caller will know you are angry and will probably call back. Instruct your children and/or baby-sitters not to talk to anyone that they don't know. Notify Campus Security and/or police of any calls that you have received. If the calls happen regularly, make a log of the dates and times of the calls as well as what was said.

If the call is threatening you can dial *57 as soon as you hang up. This will lock in the last number dialed. You can then call the Police and they can get the information on who it belongs to from the telephone company

More phone tips

List your number with your initials only. Do not use your first name. This applies to your telephone number and your apartment buzzer. You may wish to have an unlisted number; there is an extra charge for this service.

If you get an answering machine, or call display, do not put your name on the outgoing message or any other information which could give an intrusive caller more information about you.