Emergency blue phone

Emergency safety phones - blue phones - are installed in seven locations around campus.

The phones are connected by dedicated phone line to the main security office which operates 24/7 and are activated by simply pushing the red button in the center of the box. Once activated the light on the top of the phone flashes blue attracting the attention of anyone nearby.

The phone can only be reset by a member of the security department and the line remains open until this is done. All calls are responded to on a priority basis whether anyone stays on the line or not.

The phones can be found at the following key locations:

  1. Bank and Bookstore
  2. ITC (Head Hall) parking lot off of Windsor St
  3. Lady Dunn parking lot across from Jones House
  4. STU walkway from the S.U.B.
  5. d'Avray Hall by BMO Field
  6. Aitken Center parking lot between Wu Center & South Gym
  7. Lady Beaverbrook Gym near front entrance
  8. Magee House by trail going to the DECH

These phones will augment the existing dedicated communications that are available through any payphone on campus. Pay phones are clearly marked with a yellow SECURITY decal; simply pick up the receiver, push the button, and you will be connected directly to the main security office. As well, all elevators on campus have an emergency phone which directly connects to security.

See a general guideline for the phone locations.