Bicycle safety

Bike security is an important issue in and around campus. Many people use their bikes as a primary form of transportation, and simply cannot afford to have their transportation taken. Unfortunately, a high percentage do not lock their bikes in a proper manner to the racks provided, or simply do not purchase themselves a good locking system for their bike. Cable locks (with the exception of very few) are not a good deterrent for theft, and can be easily defeated by most would be thieves.

Bike thieves are opportunists, and are looking to simply "cut and leave", with minimal time spent hanging around the racks, and will usually not take the time or effort to defeat a properly secured bike utilizing a U-lock. The use of a U-lock, along with a good quality cable or chain, may deter thieves as they need to bring along two different tools to breach the locks.

To properly lock a bike, it is desirable to back your bike into the rack provided, and remove the front wheel (if it is a quick release wheel). Place the front wheel and back wheel together, "sandwiching" the rack bar between the two. A good quality U-lock should then be placed through the front wheel, back wheel, and the frame of the bike itself, while all being connected to the rack.

Keep the lock high off the ground with the keyhole pointed down. This makes it more difficult for a thief to tamper with the lock. As well, it is crucial to remove any options such as seats, bags, bike computers, lights, etc., from the bike after you secure it, since components are also highly valued among bike thieves.

It is NOT a good idea to leave your bike in an unlit or low-traffic area, as this presents the thief the opportunity of time, which they usually do not have. It is worthy to note that if a bike thief does steal a bike from a rack, minus a seat, or a wheel (carrying the bike),they will be stopped and questioned by our members on patrol.

By making it as difficult as possible to remove your bike from the rack, most bike thieves do not have this precious time to waste (or equipment to remove good quality locks) and usually move on.