Programs & Courses

UNB offers more than 50 degree and certificate programs that are respected worldwide. As the global demand for university graduates rises, a UNB degree will give your student the option to work practically anywhere in the world.

We also offer an array of course options. We understand that a student’s interests may not fall neatly into one category. Our students can easily customize their program and include courses from different faculties. This flexibility promotes exploration and contributes to career satisfaction.

Degree Programs

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Whatever program students choose, they will have challenging and stimulating course options. The course selection may seem daunting, but there are many people who will help your student find courses that interest them and fit with their career plans. Encourage your student to talk to his or her academic advisor, and to attend orientation and registration sessions offered each spring and fall. Encourage exploration, expect change and keep an open mind!

The UNB Undergraduate Calendar contains a list of courses and course descriptions.