5 things you didn’t know about UNB

You might know that the University of New Brunswick (UNB) is Canada’s oldest English-language university or that it’s home to the best university hockey team in the country (world?). But we bet you didn’t know all five of these UNB highlights.

1. Researchers partner with NASA

Want to work with NASA? Just come to UNB.

UNB Engineering professors and researchers are working with NASA and other space agencies to investigate space weather, global positioning systems (GPS) and more.

UNB’s Faculty of Science also has a Planetary and Space Science Centre.

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2. Technology used by Google

Google Earth’s high-quality satellite images come from ground-breaking technology developed right here at UNB.

Professor Yun Zhang developed camera lens and chip technology that has been used by Google Maps for more than a decade. In 2015, Dr. Zhang released a new prototype that allows you to explore the globe in 3D.

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3. Earn your degree in 3 years

UNB’s Renaissance College is known for more than its Harry Potter-esque interior. Renaissance College is Canada’s first accelerated degree in Leadership Studies. This means you can get your undergraduate degree in just three years.

In the Bachelor of Philosophy in Leadership Studies you’ll be pushed to think outside the box as you explore community development and responsible leadership through hands-on and discussion-based learning.

For most students, the best part of the program is the Canadian and international internship in countries like Bhutan, India and Vietnam.

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4. UNB lures in cyber attacks

Most people try to avoid cyber-attacks. At UNB, our researchers seek them out.

The Canadian Institute for Cybersecurity at UNB is home to the only Canadian chapter of the Honeynet Project, which attempts to lure in cyber-attacks and provide researchers with the attacker’s information.

They then use that data for research purposes — making Internet usage stronger and safer.

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5. Study sharks in the Bahamas

With professors internationally recognized in the field, UNB offers one of the only marine biology programs in Canada, from Bachelor of Science to PhD.

In addition to spending some of your classes on a boat or under water, you can also study sharks, dolphins and coral reef in the Bahamas!

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6. 15:1 student-faculty ratio

Ok, we had to throw in one more.

You can study with world-renowned professors who actually know your name at UNB.

While you’ll still get the large, lecture-theatre experience in most faculties, there is a full-time instructor for every 15 students — the second lowest ratio among comprehensive universities in Canada (according to the 2019 Macleans University Rankings).

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