Career Planning

University provides access to better careers and career choices. UNB helps connect students’ program of study with career options and opportunities. We offer professional services and resources from first-year to post-graduation.

UNB Career-planning Services

Student Employment Service

This resource develops programs and services that will connect students to experience-building and degree-related employment opportunities.

Career Counseling

Career Counseling provides confidential personal and career counselling as well as a variety of support services.

Career Connections Web Site Screenshot

Career Connections website

Career Connections was developed to help students begin career planning early. It is available to current students only and requires students to log in. It will help students:

  • Learn about themselves and the decision-making process
  • Learn about choosing a major and to identify career options related to their major
  • Find career opportunities through free access to career databases
  • Find work experience and prepare them to land the job of their dreams.

Parents Can Help With Career Planning

  • Encourage your student to browse the Student Employment Service website for job postings, employment events, career-planning workshops and on-line tutorials.
  • Suggest your student set up a one-on-one appointment with the Student Employment Service for personalized job-search strategies, and career counseling.
  • Browse Career Connections together. Learning about careers and ourselves is a lifelong process and the website makes it fun and interesting.
  • Check the Events section of this website for career-related events that parents may attend.
  • Encourage students to explore co-op and summer placements, internships or volunteer opportunities that will give them career-related experience.
  • Empower your students to make their own decisions. Talk about your experience, but understand that their experiences, and choices, will probably be different.