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Research and scholarship in the Faculty of Nursing

The University of New Brunswick has been educating registered nurses for more than 50 years and we have a long history of internationally-recognized research.

Each year, the Faculty of Nursing hosts Nursing Research Day — an opportunity for sharing and learning about research projects relevant to healthcare providers, educators, policy makers and users of healthcare services. 

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Research themes

At UNB's Faculty of Nursing, our researchers are not just observers - they're catalysts for change. With a strong focus on improving quality, efficiency, and access to healthcare, faculty members in this research focus area analyze delivery models, critically appraise policies, and evaluate interventions to enhance patient care.

As registered nurses our research mission extends beyond academia - we're dedicated to evidence-informed practice and shaping healthcare policies that impact real lives. Through our innovative research, we're not just exploring the landscape of healthcare – we're reshaping it.

Join us in the pursuit of knowledge and innovation. Whether you're passionate about patient-centered care, healthcare access, or system reform, UNB's Faculty of Nursing is your gateway to making a difference. Be part of a community where healthcare innovation thrives.

At UNB's Faculty of Nursing, we're not just studying aging – we're redefining it. From examining factors affecting longevity to addressing age-related diseases and psychosocial factors, our research is paving the way for a healthier future for older adults.

Within this research domain, our faculty members lead the charge. With expertise in caregiving, dementia, long-term care, supportive/palliative care, and innovative care models, we're dedicated to improving the well-being of older individuals and their caregivers.

Join us in our mission to redefine aging. Explore customized interventions and healthcare policies aimed at fostering vitality and dignity in later life. At UNB's Faculty of Nursing, we're not just studying aging - we're shaping a future where older adulthood and caregiving is honored and embraced.

At UNB's Faculty of Nursing, we're not just studying gender and health – we're unraveling its complexities. With a keen awareness that health experiences and risks can significantly differ according to gender and other social determinants of health, our faculty members delve deep into the multifaceted influences shaping these differences. We excel in equity-oriented gender and health research, focusing on critical areas such as intimate partner violence, men’s health, women’s health, 2SLGBTQ+ health, perinatal health, and mental health.

Join us in driving meaningful change through our research, crafting interventions and policies that promote gender and health equity. At UNB's Faculty of Nursing, gender and health research isn't just academic – it's a pathway to empowerment and inclusivity.

At UNB's Faculty of Nursing, we're not just studying health promotion and population health – we're driving meaningful change in communities. Our research highlights the importance of the determinants of health, from primary care accessibility to housing and equitable access to health services.

With a strong focus on promoting well-being and preventing disease, our faculty specializes in primary health care including chronic disease management and patient-centered care initiatives. We're dedicated to ensuring that everyone has access to essential healthcare services, regardless of their background or circumstances.

Our commitment extends to equity-deserving populations, such as newcomers and refugees, ensuring their health needs are met with dignity and respect. Additionally, we advocate for vulnerable populations, including those living with substance use disorder and individuals experiencing incarceration, striving to improve their health outcomes and access to quality care.

Join us in our mission to promote health equity and enhance population health. At UNB's Faculty of Nursing, our research isn't just academic - it's a catalyst for creating healthier, more equitable communities for all.

At UNB's Faculty of Nursing, innovation isn't just a buzzword – it's a guiding principle in shaping the future of nursing education and professional development. Our commitment to innovation encompasses a wide range of approaches, including scholarship on teaching and learning, alongside simulation and technology integration.

Through cutting-edge simulations and interactive teaching methods, we provide immersive experiences that prepare nurses for real-world challenges. From hands-on training with state-of-the-art equipment to virtual patient encounters, our approach ensures graduates are equipped with the skills and confidence to excel in any healthcare setting.

Furthermore, our dedication to nurses' professional development is unwavering. We offer a growing number of continuing education opportunities, including certificates in critical care nursing, forensic nursing in secure environments, and nursing management, empowering nurses to stay at the forefront of their field.

Join us at UNB's Faculty of Nursing and become part of a community where innovation drives education and professional growth. Experience firsthand how simulation, technology, and innovative teaching methods shape the nurses of tomorrow. Unlock your potential and embark on a journey of lifelong learning and excellence.

At UNB's Saint John campus, the UNB Saint John Collaboration for Evidence-Informed Healthcare stands as a beacon of excellence in systematic review research, distinguished as a Joanna Briggs Institute Centre of Excellence. Positioned within the department of nursing and health sciences, this collaborative effort brings together a team of tenacious researchers, including faculty members from UNB Saint John and the Université de Moncton, alongside a dedicated librarian.

The centre is dedicated to advancing evidence-informed healthcare practices and policies on both local and global scales. As one of only 29 Centres of Excellence worldwide, our team diligently conducts rigorous systematic reviews, contributing valuable insights to the esteemed JBI Database of Systematic Reviews and Implementation Reports.

Our collaboration extends beyond academia, with the inclusion of the Horizon Health Network as a clinical partner, marking a significant expansion in our reach and impact. Our ongoing reviews delve into diverse aspects of healthcare, ranging from the experiences of nursing students to the efficacy of handover shift reports.

As the second of its kind in Atlantic Canada, our centre proudly aligns with Dalhousie University in Halifax, cementing our commitment to advancing evidence-based healthcare practices throughout the region and beyond. Join us in our mission to shape the future of healthcare through meticulous research and unwavering dedication to evidence-informed practices.

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