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Faculty of Engineering
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Undergraduate programs

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As an engineer you could become a change-making leader in:

  • smart, decarbonized energy systems
  • adaptation to climate change
  • better building methods
  • biotechnology and improved healthcare
  • new environmentally safe materials
  • mobility for all
  • environmental stewardship
  • entrepreneurial skills to make and market your creativity
  • something new you dream of and imagine could be

You can stand out with the skills, vision, and determination to tackle the world's most complex problems.

At UNB Engineering you get top-level labs, co-op, study abroad options, and the personal attention that ensures your success.

Paths to success

Use your engineering expertise to improve people's lives in the fields of healthcare and medicine. Explore the interaction between human health and technology to create new devices and equipment. Address and test new drug therapies with computer simulations. This rapidly-expanding field offers many opportunities.

Biomedical engineering pathways

Construct a better world through the design, build and management of essential infrastructure and building projects. Contribute to climate adaptation with new design, resilient infrastructure and care for the environment.

Civil engineering pathways

Design new ways to care for the environment. Regenerate and heal polluted land, water and air. Master the production and manufacturing process of an array of essential products for the world. Contribute to the rapid decarbonization of energy systems through new nuclear generation technologies.

Chemical engineering pathways

Channel the power through the study and design of devices and equipment that use electricity, electromagnetism and electronics. Innovate smarter, more resilient energy systems to power the future. Improve someone's life with an AI prosthetic limb. Advance manufacturing with robotics.

Electrical and Computer engineering pathways

Design, construct and test spacecraft, missiles, satellites and aircraft. Develop communications equipment. Set up, install and maintain essential fibre-optic networks. Work with imaging and illumination systems like lasers. Engineering Physics is an option in Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Engineering Physics pathways

Build a durable foundation through responsible development of resources. Ensure that structures and buildings are safe and stable. Design and develop sustainable water supplies and systems in an increasingly water scarce world.

Get outside as you explore new mineral and energy sources, essential for decarbonized energy systems. Employ nature-based solutions for a changing climate.

Geological engineering pathways

Map out your life by gathering, processing, managing and displaying geo-referenced information. Work on land or under the ocean. Create essential data for the future of climate change adaptation and smarter cities.

Geodesy and geomatics engineering pathways

Get moving with skills that can bring advanced manufacturing to industry. Develop smart systems. Create machine learning additive manufacturing processes. Team up to work on renewable energy systems.

Mechanical engineering pathways

Grow an app by designing, developing, evaluating, and maintaining software products. Figure out new ways to engage and help the aging population. Facilitate the 4th industrial revolution. Contribute to education with new games to lead students into a better understanding of their world.

Software engineering pathways

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Go to market

Design is a joyful game of exploration. With each attempt, there's a sense of excitement in the journey of learning and improving. Ultimately, this process nurtures your creative instincts, empowering you to harness your entrepreneurial spirit. Gain essential business, innovation, and entrepreneurial skills in the Technology Management and Entrepreneurship (TME) program.

Work with clients to design and present your innovation, then market your idea, product or process. TME Summer Institute is the place for incubating your startup. For more information, see the J. Herbert Smith Centre.

Revel in your journey

Have an excellent adventure when you travel with UNB's study abroad programs. Work for industry-leading companies and accelerate your career with the UNB Engineering Co-op Program. We take experiential education seriously at UNB. This is your chance to embrace your education and make it a truly life-changing experience.

Design makes the difference

Be a positive force in the world. Practice solving problems through design projects partnered with companies, non-profits and local leaders while in school. Share your work at the Engineering Design Symposium. Be ready to make a difference wherever you go.