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Message from Dr. Paul J. Mazerolle, UNB President and Vice-Chancellor

Dr. Paul J. Mazerolle, UNB President and Vice-Chancellor

The Engineering Design Symposium gives final-year engineering students the chance to showcase their hard work, creativity and talent. Students present their work to their peers, industry and the public. It is through these capstone design projects that UNB’s spirit of entrepreneurship shines.

Throughout their final year of studies, engineering students from a variety of disciplines design solutions for real-world problems that stem from government, industry and beyond.

These experiential learning opportunities nurture resourcefulness, critical thinking and ingenuity. Each year, several of these projects lead to successfully implemented client-oriented solutions or into thriving businesses.

I would like to congratulate all students participating in the symposium. Through a great deal of hard work and forward-thinking, you have applied your knowledge and skills to provide fully realized designs and solutions for complex challenges. You make UNB proud.

I would also like to extend my sincere thanks and appreciation to the mentors, professors and industry leaders who have dedicated time, energy and interest in these students and their work. The importance of your stewardship cannot be overstated. You are helping to train and inspire a new generation of innovators and leaders, many of whom will change our world for the better.

As we look toward the future, this event is a clear illustration of how UNB engineering students are innovating, finding smart solutions to problems new and old, and propelling our communities towards positive change.

With kind regards,

Paul J. Mazerolle
President & Vice-Chancellor