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Calculator policy

The purpose of this policy is to provide a level playing field for all students and to prevent the use of calculators with text storage, programming, and/or communication capabilities during midterms and exams. The specific regulation is:

In any Civil Engineering examination, midterm, or test, a student must not have in their possession any electronic device except an approved ("Civil standard") calculator, unless such device is specifically permitted, in writing, by the instructor.

Only Texas Instruments calculators with "TI-30X" in the model's name are approved ("Civil standard") calculators.

Note that the term "electronic device" includes, but is not limited to calculators, cell phones, electronic watches, computers, tablets, cameras, headphones, ear buds, any type of recording device, or any device capable of communicating with any other device.

The make and model of the calculator must be clearly legible. Any attempt to modify, deface, or replace the model number will be treated as an academic offense.