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Available projects

Research thesis presentations

CE 5963


For more details about the topics below, contact Dr. Jeff Rankin (

Some general themes for projects would consist of:

  • Analyses of sustainable municipal infrastructure projects and practices
  • Alternative financing and procurement of municipal infrastructure projects
  • Assessing performance impacts of technology adoption in construction projects


Please contact Dr. Xiomara Sanchez ( if you have any questions about projects listed below.

Comparison of different additives to improve aggregate bonding in asphalt mixtures

  • The study will involve a through literature review on the techniques used to improve aggregate- asphalt bonding and testing of some mixtures with different additives to measure the relative improvement regarding to moisture damage.

Low cost performance tests for quality control of asphalt mixtures

  • The student will research literature looking for different techniques to assess the performance of thermal cracking, fatigue and rutting of hot mix asphalt with low cost techniques, and will have the opportunity to test one of those techniques in the lab.


A fourth year student interested in completing an undergraduate research thesis (CE5963) project is needed.

This project is to be completed under the joint supervision of Dr. Alan Lloyd (Civil Engineering) and Dr. Gobinda Saha (Mechanical Engineering). The project is to be completed over the Fall and Winter semesters of the 2016/2017 academic year. It is open to a student interested in structural engineering and civil engineering materials. The research thesis course is worth 6ch and replaces two technical elective courses in the final year.

The project scope includes the following:

  • Develop knowledge on current design principles related to ultimate strength and ductility of structures under extreme loads such a seismic and blast as well as the use of internal fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) reinforcement bars in reinforced concrete (RC).
  • Collect literature to assess the state of the art of ductile FRP materials for use in civil engineering structures.
  • Using computational methods, assess RC structures reinforced with ductile FRP to determine the feasibility of the material.

Please contact Dr. Alan Lloyd directly ( if you are interested in this project.

Structural and geotechnical

The following projects focus on numerical, analytical and practical analysis and design methods in the structural and geotechnical engineering fields.

Please contact Dr. Kaveh Arjomandi ( if you have any questions about the projects listed below:

Structural Steel Design

  • Using Component Based Models to Analyze and Design Steel Connections
  • Design Methods for Cantilevered Beams Subjected to Bending
  • Analysis and Design methods for Simple Shear Connections Subjected to Combined Loading
  • Nonlinear Analysis and Design of Gusset Plates

Soil-Structure Interaction

  • Deep Foundations Subjected to Dynamic Loads
  • Strip Foundations on Layered Soil Slope
  • Earth Pressure on Facial Retaining Walls
  • Use of Compressible Layer Behind Integral-Abutment Bridge Walls

Structural Health Monitoring

  • Structural Health Monitoring Methods - Theory and Practice

Structural Reliability

  • Reliability Analysis of Existing Steel Structures
  • Reliability Analysis of Existing Concrete Structures
  • Reliability Analysis of Structures with Significant Soil-Structure Interaction

Design projects

  • Design projects may also be considered as research thesis topics.

Please contact Dr. Won Taek Oh ( if you have any questions about the projects listed below:

The research listed below will provide students with opportunities to learn the mechanics of unsaturated soils and its application into geotechnical engineering practice. Students are encouraged to read Introduction to Unsaturated Soil Mechanics to understand basic concepts of the mechanics of unsaturated soils before applying for these research topics.

Soil-Water Characteristic Curve and its application

Soil-Water Characteristic Curve (SWCC) is the relationship between degree of saturation and soil suction, which is the most commonly used tool to analyze mechanical properties of unsaturated soils. This research focuses on various models to predict the SWCC and to understand how it can be used in estimating mechanical properties of unsaturated soils.

Bearing capacity of unsaturated soils

In conventional soil mechanics, bearing capacity of soils are estimated using either effective or total stress approach assuming soils are in a state of saturation. In this research, students will study how the bearing capacity changes as soils get desaturated.

Determination of elastic modulus of soils

Elastic modulus is a key parameter to estimate elastic settlement of soils. Students will investigate various experimental and analytical methodologies to determine the elastic modulus in both saturated and unsaturated soils.

Slope stability of unsaturated soils

Students will conduct slope stability analysis in unsaturated soils. This research will provide students with opportunities to learn slope stability analysis methods in unsaturated soils considering rainfall infiltration using slope stability software.


If you are interested and/or require further info on the projects below, please contact either Dr. Trevor Hanson ( or Eric Hildebrand (

  • Developing a travel data collection plan for New Brunswick’s volunteer driver programs.
  • The influence of physical and spatial attributes of bus stops on transit ridership in Fredericton.
  • Operational Performance of the Smythe Street Roundabout Project.