Requesting equipment

Equipment is available to UNB faculty, staff and students, free of charge and to external organizations for a fee but subject to availability. Additional charges will apply if the equipment is returned late, damaged, or is lost by any user.

To ensure that duplicate equipment is not booked for the same class, faculty members who require students to make presentations in their class should initiate the request. All requests for equipment to be used at the Wu Conference Centre must be initiated by the Wu Conference Centre on behalf of their clients. Equipment Services requires 24 hours’ notice for all booking requests and 48-hour notice for event bookings.

Student union clubs or societies that are officially recognized by the Student Union may borrow equipment for their social activities at no charge only if the event that they are holding does not require participants to purchase tickets to the event. If the Student Union club or society is selling tickets to gain entry to the event they are holding, then internal rental charges will be applied to all equipment borrowed from Equipment Services. If an unrecognized club or society wishes to rent equipment, external charges will be applied. Equipment must be reserved and signed out by a member of the group's executive.

External groups who have reserved spaces through UNB Conference Services, work through them to acquire audio visual equipment and support. External groups who wish to rent equipment only should contact 506-458-7662, or email All external groups are charged the external charges listed on the rental price list plus tax.

Daily booking information

All equipment is reserved for no more than a three day period or the weekend (Friday-Monday) depending on the level of demand. Laptops are rented for either short term (three days) or long term (one week). Internal rates apply only to UNB faculty, staff or students in those instances in which the equipment is being used for non-academic purposes (e.g. events that are charging an entrance fee). The external rate (plus HST) applies only to non-UNB organizations. All late equipment returns are subject to late fees.

Internal Rate External Rate
Equipment packages
Data projector/screen $75 $100
Portable PA/microphone/speakers $60 $80
DSLR (Canon)/tripod $75 $100
HD camcorder (Vixia)/tripod $50 $75
Audio recorder/mic $40 $50
Equipment List
Event PA/mic/4 speakers $75 $100
MIPRO 808 PA  $75 $100
MIPRO MA-100  $30 $40
Microphone $10 $20
Boom microphone $15 $25
Wireless microphone $50 $75
Condenser microphone $15 $25
RODE audio microphone $50 $75
Bee USB microphone $25 $50
Digital audio recorder (Tascam/Zoom/Roland) $30 $40
Digital voice recorder (Zoom/Sony) $10 $20
DSLR (Canon) $50 $75
HD camcorder (Vixia)  $40 $60
GOPRO HERO4 $25 $50
Tripod $10 $20
Light kit $25 $50
Dell laptop $30 $60
Mac laptop $40 $80
Data projector $60 $80
12ft. screen (must be setup by CTS staff) $50 $200
Portable screen (5/6/8ft) $20 $25
Portable whiteboard (doubles as a flipchart) $25 $35
Flipchart/paper $20 $30
Document camera $50 $70
Operator hours (minimum 3 hours) $60 $60
Off-campus pickup/delivery charge is $35 per request
If gaffer tape is required there is a minimum $10 charge to a maximum of $50, depending on needs.