Diploma in university teaching

When given the opportunity to teach, most of us start by teaching the way we have been taught in the past. Often this is not the best way.

During this program, you will develop new knowledge and skills in all the aspects of teaching a successful course:

  • learn new ways of teaching in an atmosphere that uses active and engaging learning strategies.
  • learn by doing and discussing your learning with your colleagues.
  • finish the DUT with more knowledge about your students and the best ways to provide environments for rich and lasting learning.
  • receive a credential that proves your commitment to being the best teacher you can be.

This is an opportunity for you to really look at how you teach, and why, and to consider new ways to engage students for more effective learning.

The focus in this course is on teaching practice as opposed to theory. It is delivered in a workshop type format where you will have the opportunity to work with your colleagues, and to actually teach and get detailed feedback to help you improve. You will develop useful new course materials and try out new approaches in a supportive environment of your colleagues and an enthusiastic and knowledgeable facilitator.

You will end this course with more tools, skills and knowledge to bring directly into your teaching. You will also be more confident as a teacher.

Besides using Brightspace D2L, we will be holding synchronous face to face classes using Zoom video conferencing. The phrase "teaching online" covers a wide range of practices. The emphasis in this session will be on making the online experience as engaging and interactive as the best traditional face to face learning.  We feel confident that you will learn everything you would learn in the traditional DUT, and with the extra benefit of becoming familiar with a new way of teaching.

Winter schedule 2024

This years Diploma in University Teaching session will be offered virtually. All sessions will be on Zoom, with classes from 2:30 - 5 pm on the following dates: 

  • Monday, April 15 & Thursday, April 18
  • Monday, April 22 & Thursday, April 25
  • Monday, April 29 & Thursday, May 2
  • Monday, May 6 & Thursday, May 9
  • Monday, May 13 & Thursday, May 16
  • Thursday, May 23
  • Monday, May 27 & Thursday, 30

We estimate that you will need to spend 35 hours outside of class to complete the requirements. A reading list will be provided during the first class.

In order to take this course, you should have access to high speed internet, a computer (not a smart phone) that has a video camera and microphone, along with a quiet workspace for the online classes. Since much of the learning happens in class, if you expect to miss more than two sessions, please take the program at another time.

Peter Gross has a Masters degree in Education and has been the DUT Coordinator for the past 14 years. He has more than 40 years experience teaching, primarily at the NB College of Craft and Design. He has also taught part-time for over 30 years with UNB’s Faculty of Education and has taught for UNB in Bhutan and Nunavut. 

Course objectives

At the end of the course you can expect to:

  • Demonstrate new knowledge and improved skills related to course design as evidenced particularly by the production of: a lesson plan that uses a new or improved teaching method; a description of how you will use effective feedback techniques to improve teaching and learning; the creation of a new test of students' learning.
  • Conduct a 20 minute mini teaching session that uses new or improved teaching methods.
  • Provide constructive critiques of your colleagues in feedback of their mini-teaching sessions, as well as in reviewing their written assignments.
  • Assess your own teaching, particularly in the feedback from your 20 minute session, clarify your strengths, and outline a plan for continued improvement.
  • Formulate a statement of your teaching philosophy that forms part of a teaching dossier.