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Graduate fees and financial support

Graduate tuition fees and other educational costs are set by the University of New Brunswick’s School of Graduate Studies.

Students pay full tuition fees for nine academic terms (three years). Thereafter they pay a continuation fee that is one-half the full tuition rate. The continuation fee must be paid until the student successfully completes the oral defense of the doctoral dissertation.

Financial support for graduate students

Assistantships, fellowships, scholarships and other awards are available to graduate students on a competitive basis. The Department of Psychology makes every effort to ensure that each student receives at least some financial support.

The primary sources of funding for psychology graduate students are the humanities and social sciences assistantships offered through the School of Graduate Studies and the Faculty of Arts. However, because graduate assistantships are competitive, on the basis of academic merit and under the jurisdiction of the Department of Psychology, the School of Graduate Studies, and the Faculty of Arts, financial support is not guaranteed. Nevertheless, all our graduate students have received financial support in the past five years. Additional financial support may be provided by faculty supervisors or other competitive awards.

Students admitted to the MA/PhD program (either stream) may receive up to five years of funding consisting of MA level funding for the first year and PhD level funding for subsequent years in the program. Students admitted directly to the PhD program (either stream) following completion of a relevant master’s degree in psychology at another university may receive up to four years of funding at the PhD level. Teaching and research assistantship awards typically consist of a scholarship portion (to provide support for focusing on thesis-related research) and paid employment. Students who are awarded a teaching assistantship as their paid employment are expected to work as teaching assistants for approximately six and a half (6.5)hours per week in the fall and winter terms.

Scholarships and awards

Graduate students with an outstanding academic record will be eligible for a number of scholarships and other awards offered by the university on a competitive basis. Information on graduate scholarships can be found in the graduate calendar.

Eligible students are also strongly encouraged to apply for federal scholarships either prior to admission or upon enrolment. Students applying for federal funding prior to admissions should first consult with the advisors/supervisors at their previous undergraduate or graduate institutions.

A number of graduate students have received funding from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, the Canadian Institutes of Health Research or the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council.

Students may also have an opportunity to work as part-time research assistants on externally-funded faculty research.