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Proudly UNB awards

Proudly UNB Awards
Alumni of the University of New Brunswick are changemakers distinguishing themselves through outstanding service to their alma mater, their communities, province, or country, and beyond. The Proudly UNB Awards recognize these outstanding alumni and demonstrate our pride in their accomplishments.

Proudly UNB Award Nominations

The nomination period for our 2023 Proudly UNB Awards program is now closed. Stay tuned for the announcement of our 2023 award winners!

The 2023 award recipients will be recognized at the Proudly UNB Awards Celebration, April 21, 2023 in Saint John, NB.

Submit a nomination for our 2024 PUNB program

Previous Proudly UNB award recipients

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Alumni Award of Honour Recipients 1971-2004

The Alumni Award of Honour, created in 1971, recognizes outstanding service and commitment to UNB and the Associated Alumni. Recipients of this award are chosen by the UNB Associated Alumni Executive.

The Alumni Office also recognizes individuals who did not attend UNB but have contributed to the University of New Brunswick and/or the UNB Associated Alumni in a significant way. These individuals are given Honorary Alumni Memberships by the Associated Alumni.

2022 Proudly UNB Awards Video

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