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Associated Alumni

Student awards and scholarships

Student Leader Awards

Our alumni have funded scholarships to assist future generations of great UNB graduates, to attract students with outstanding promise for success and enable many who would not otherwise have attended to become Proudly UNB.

Associated Alumni awards and scholarships

The Alumni Student Leadership Award is presented each year to undergraduate students who have demonstrated outstanding leadership through involvement in extracurricular activities on campus and in their community.

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Through the Alumni Legacy Award, the Associated Alumni helps provide future generations with the opportunity to benefit from a UNB education, just like our alumni did. We want to support future UNB leaders and alumni ambassadors who share our pride in this great institution. 

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The UNB Saint John Graduating Student Leadership Awards recognize students who have made outstanding voluntary extracurricular contributions to their academic program/department, or to UNB Saint John as a whole.

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The following awards are funded by the Alumni and Alumnae Association but administered by the Office of Undergraduate Awards. Deadline to apply is April 15, 2021.

Undergraduate Award information

Undergraduate awards
Alumnae Undergraduate Scholarship
Alumnae Entrance Scholarship
Alumni Entrance Scholarship
Alumni Undergraduate Scholarship
Alumni Merit Awards
Anne Murray Alumni Scholarship
Associated Alumnae Athletic Award
Associated Alumnae Scholarship – Renaissance College
Bermuda Alumni Scholarship
Calgary Alumni Bursary
Dr. A. Foster Baird Alumni Scholarship
Dr. Bernice L. MacNaughton Memorial Alumnae Scholarship (Entrance)
Joseph W. Sears Scholarship
Muriel Farris Baird Alumnae Scholarship
Ottawa Alumni Chapter Thomas Foulkes Sr. Scholarship
Richard Scott Merit Award
Toronto Alumni Chapter Fredrik S. Eaton Scholarship
UNB Associated Alumni Leadership Award
UNB Alumni Legacy Award
UNB Edmonton Alumni Chapter Bursary
Zula V. Hallett Scholarship in Kinesiology

Your support matters

Support UNB students by giving to our alumni student award funds