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Proudly UNB awards

Proudly UNB Awards

Alumni of the University of New Brunswick are changemakers distinguishing themselves through outstanding service to their alma mater, their communities, province, or country, and beyond. The Proudly UNB Awards recognize these outstanding alumni and demonstrate our pride in their accomplishments.

The Proudly UNB Awards Dinner alternates between Fredericton and Saint John. The 2025 Proudly UNB Awards Dinner will be held at the Delta in Saint John on April 11.

2024 Award recipients

Alumni Award of Honour

JPetrieJamie Petrie (BBA’90, LLB’94) is chief legal officer of NB Power, is an avid volunteer fostering connection and enhancing the well-being of the Fredericton community, and a lifelong supporter of UNB. He has made extensive contributions professionally and personally, having served as treasurer of the UNB Associated Alumni Council, past president of the UNB Beaverbrook Scholars Committee, past chairman of the Fredericton Community Foundation and past president of the Fredericton YMCA.

Alumni Award of Distinction

JDickinsonDr. Joël Dawn Dickinson (BA’94, PhD’06), president and vice-chancellor of Mount Saint Vincent University, has been recognized for her leadership contributions to education; is an active community volunteer with many non-profit organizations and boards; and designed a Safe Space Training course that has led to workshops on teaching, violence against women, and inclusion in the classroom.

Alumni Award of Distinction

SDowneySarah Downey (BSc’90), a senior health-care leader and president and CEO of the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, has made numerous contributions to Ontario healthcare through her work and volunteer leadership in cancer and mental health programs, capital and strategic planning, workplace safety, and inclusion and diversity.

Alumni Award of Distinction

punb_p-bernard.pngChief Patricia Bernard (BEd’96, LLB’99) is at the heart of the historic, largest, federal land claim settlement in Maritime history awarded to the Madawaska Maliseet First Nation, which she submitted while in her second year at UNB law; and has spent 23 years fighting for justice for the community, where a legacy trust has been created to provide future income.

Alumni Award of Distinction

punb_n-lee.pngNatasha Lee (BEd’16, MEd’20), acting vice-principal of the Exchange R.C. School and president of the 4-H Leaders Council of Trinidad and Tobago, has garnered wide support and sponsorship for 4-H, has led the organization to receive a second runner up award for “most outstanding youth group,” and has helped provide children with opportunities to grow their own gardens and develop their entrepreneurial skills.

Alumni Award of Distinction

ELewisEugene Lewis (BScEE’64) is a tremendous humanitarian and has volunteered for several impactful international projects, including helping to develop a wireless communication system for the International Federation of Animal Welfare; initiating the Bhutan Light Project, which provided over 1,000 hand-cranked electric chargers and battery powered LED home light sources; and serving as a longtime volunteer and board member of Shelter Box Canada.

Alumni Award of Distinction

punb_m-king.pngMichael King (BA’04, MEd’21) is a prominent leader in the New Brunswick sports community, impacting hundreds of local youth annually and contributing to several organizations, including as a coach to the Fredericton Youth Basketball Association and Capital Minor Football League; as chair to multiple fundraising golf events; and as a volunteer with Fredericton High School basketball, Fredericton Fusion, Royals Baseball and the UNB Reds basketball program.

Young Alumni Achievement Award

punb_k-davey.pngKatie Davey (BA’17), executive director of UNB’s Pond Deshpande Centre, is a nationally-recognized leader in public policy, having served in many key roles advocating for the integration of economic and social policy; is the creator of Femme Wonk, a policy and current affairs podcast; and has been recognized as an Action Canada Fellow, a 2021 Young Impact Leader and one of Atlantic Business Magazine’s 20 Under 30.

Young Alumni Achievement Award

punb_m-hynes.pngMatthew Hynes (BSc’19) is one of 11 Canadians to have received the Rhodes Scholarship to the University of Oxford in 2021; has served several volunteer hours supporting the AIDS NB Needle Exchange Programme; coordinated fundraising efforts for World AIDS Day, the Kingston Street Health Centre and the Black Health Alliance; and assisted with the founding of the first national association of 2SLGBTQ+ medical students, the Canadian Queer Medical Students Association.

Young Alumni Achievement Award

punb_s-muzzerall.pngStephen Muzzerall (BBA’14), president of the Capital Winter Club and an avid volunteer for several event committees and organizations, has spent countless hours contributing to the world of curling and advocating for youth mental health, in which he was part of a small group awarded the World Record Academy for the longest curling game, which raised over $200,000 to support local youth mental health initiatives. 

Young Alumni Achievement Award

punb_r-sutherland.pngReid Sutherland’s (BSc/BA’22) fieldwork and research initiatives as a Dalhousie University master of marine management student have helped inform and develop conservation strategies around the world; and she’s working towards her goals of promoting ecosystem health and contributing to provincial and federal conservation and climate resilience through projects with the Canadian Atlantic shark Research Laboratory and Fisheries and Oceans Canada, and as a host for the internationally recognized Fisheries Podcast.

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Proudly UNB Award nominations

Nominations for distinguished UNB grads fall into the following award categories:

The Alumni Award of Distinction recognizes the significant contributions made by UNB alumni in their local communities and beyond.

Alumni are recognized for truly outstanding achievements that may have earned them regional, national or international recognition or prominence through service to humanity; their professions and/or volunteer organizations; community service; advancement of knowledge; or service to the University of New Brunswick and/or the Associated Alumni. (Up to five recipients per year.)

The Young Alumni Achievement Award recognizes the outstanding achievements of University of New Brunswick alumni 35 years of age or younger.

Young alumni are recognized for truly outstanding achievements that may have earned them regional, national or international recognition or prominence through service to humanity; their professions and/or volunteer organizations; community service; advancement of knowledge; or service to the University of New Brunswick and/or the Associated Alumni. (Up to five recipients per year.)

The Alumni Group of the Year Award is presented to a recognized Associated Alumni group. To be considered for the award, the group must have met one or more of the following:

  1. Supported the UNB Associated Alumni by:
    1. providing opportunities for alumni to stay connected with the University of New Brunswick;
    2. promoting the University of New Brunswick through a strong alumni network; and
    3. further developing and promoting the alumni pride and loyalty for the University of New Brunswick.
  2. Coordinated programs on behalf of the Associated Alumni and/or University including the introduction of new programs for alumni participation.
  3. Demonstrated solid growth by activating alumni.
The group may have also had an impact beyond the university and Associated Alumni by supporting other community or charitable organizations.

The Volunteer of the Year is presented to an alumni volunteer who has contributed to the University and/or the Associated Alumni either as a member of an alumni group or individually.

To be considered for the award, the nominee:

  1. must have participated in alumni activities in the past 12 months;
  2. may have been involved with other community or charitable organizations;
  3. may have significantly contributed to advancing the goals of the alumni program; and
  4. is a member of the Associated Alumni.

Previous Proudly UNB award recipients

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The Alumni Office also recognizes individuals who did not attend UNB but have contributed to the University of New Brunswick and/or the UNB Associated Alumni in a significant way. These individuals are given Honorary Alumni Memberships by the Associated Alumni.

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