University of New Brunswick est.1785

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Associated Alumni

UNB Associated Alumni

We help connect alumni with each other, with their alma mater and with the current generation of UNB students – it's a way to celebrate our past and shape our future.

UNB alumni worldwide

Percent of UNB alumni live in Canada and the U.S.

When the Associated Alumni was established

Latin terms

Alumni: All members of the association, male and female

Alumnae: Strictly female members of the association

Alumnus: Singular for a male member of the association

Alumna: Singular for a female member of the association

The Associated Alumni of the University of New Brunswick became an organization by an Act of Legislature on March 28, 1870, with the first meeting of the Association held on June 20, 1870.  A group of graduates from the University of New Brunswick organized the Association for the “promotion of sound education and the advancement of the interest of the University".