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Alumni Engagement Strategy 2020-2025

A map for the future of the association

The University of New Brunswick Alumni Association’s engagement strategy for 2020-2025 provides a map for the future of the association, setting forth our goals to actively engage more alumni in the life of UNB.

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Read the Alumni Engagement Strategy (PDF)

Strategic priorities

Our strategic priorities are rooted in our pillars of celebration, connection and contribution and will guide our work from 2020-2025.

  • Tell our story to increase awareness and pride among alumni.
  • Celebrate alumni, students and UNB milestones and achievements.
  • Foster a culture of connection and contribution among students and alumni.
  • Deepen relationships with engaged and somewhat engaged alumni.
  • Obtain the best possible data to make evidence-based decisions and optimize effectiveness.

Our mission 


We engage alumni by nourishing pride; foster connections between alumni, students and UNB; and enable contribution.


A proud, inspired and motivated community of alumni and students engaged in the life and success of UNB.


Our pillars align with our mission and give us the foundation on which all activities, programs and services are built.

  • Celebration: We will engage alumni and students by nourishing pride, celebrating accomplishments and telling our story.
  • Connection: We will foster connections between alumni, students and UNB to encourage mentorship, professional development and lifelong learning and growth.
  • Contribution:  We will work to create a dynamic environment that enables alumni contribution in the form of time, talent and treasure.

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