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Associated Alumni

Alumni Legacy Award

Through the Alumni Legacy Award, the Associated Alumni helps provide future generations with the opportunity to benefit from a UNB education, just like our alumni did. We want to support future UNB leaders and alumni ambassadors who share our pride in this great institution.

Congratulations to the inaugural recipient of the Alumni Legacy Award, Laura Palmer!

Award Details

Awarded to a student who has completed at least the minimum requirements for the second year of the student's first undergraduate degree program and has not completed the requirements for the third year. Selection is based on academic achievement and demonstrated involvement in the university. Candidates are required to submit an essay (minimum 500 words) on 'Why I am Proudly UNB' and how you will continue to be an ambassador for UNB upon graduation, as well as a letter of recommendation from a UNB alumna/us.

  • Value: $15,000 (tuition & fees)
  • Field: Unrestricted
  • Number: 1
  • Duration: 2 years
  • Deadline to apply: April 15, 2021