Pre-Professional Programs in Science

Students intending to apply to professional schools, such as schools of Medicine, Dentistry, or Veterinary Medicine, should consult the admissions information for the individual school they intend to apply to. Students may be required to complete a specific entrance test for a particular profession, e.g. the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) in the case of schools of medicine.

Students should select a BSc program and ensure that they complete all core requirements for the selected program. In addition, the courses indicated below are strongly recommended. Students are also strongly advised to take courses in English and the Humanities and Social Sciences. The BSc Biology-Psychology major accommodates the following course selection and is the most common "pre-med" program.

First Year

Second, Third and Fourth Years



Pre-Veterinary Medicine

  •     BIOL 2015, BIOL 2485.
  •     CHEM 2401, CHEM 2416.
  •     At least one Statistics course.
  •     9 ch Humanities and/or Social Sciences.