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Experience academic excellence in science, engineering and computer science. We take pride in our faculty-student ratio and being the faculty with the largest number of teaching excellence awards at UNB Saint John.

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We're reinventing Saint John, New Brunswick and beyond

UNB researcher collaborates with microbrewery to make beer with seaweeds

Picaroons, a Fredericton-based microbrewery and Dr. Thierry Chopin, a biology professor at UNB Saint John, collaborated to create a beer made with seaweeds. With "Kelp on the Way", they succeeded in raising awareness on the marine world.

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Solving world hunger with big data

Chris Baker, chair of the Department of Computer Science at University of New Brunswick's Saint John campus, is on a quest to use the power of datasets to help ease hunger and malnutrition.

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Helping families with complex health needs

NaviCare/SoinsNavi, a navigation and support centre for families of youngsters with complicated and chronic health challenges, offers students and trainees the opportunity to research through the centre headquartered at the Saint John campus.

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A hidden little gem as a classroom

SASE students have the option to participate in a unique intensive 12-week hands-on marine semester at the Huntsman Marine Science Centre in St. Andrews. Professor Thierry Chopin calls this opportunity a "hidden little gem".

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Faculty and students research cures to diseases and infections

At SASE, faculty and students research a cure to life-threatening diseases and infections in the fields and forests of New Brunswick as well as in fungi and algae from around the world. This is a unique opportunity for undergraduate students.

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