Faculty of Science, Applied Science and Engineering

Faculty Office: Ganong Hall, Room 231
Mailing Address: Faculty of Science, Applied Science and Engineering,
University of New Brunswick,
100 Tucker Park Road,
Saint John, N.B.,
Canada, E2L 4L5 
Phone:  (506) 648-5615
Email: sci-eng@unbsj.ca
Website: //www.unb.ca/saintjohn/sase/


Dean: Dr. Michael van Zyll de Jong

Department of Biological Sciences

  • Bertola, Roberta, Adjunct Prof - 2013
  • Burridge, Les, Adjunct Prof - 2007
  • Chasse, Joel, Adjunct Prof - 2007
  • Cooper, Andrew, Adjunct Prof - 208
  • Chopin, Thierry B. R., BSc (Lyon), MSc (Brest), DEA (Paris), PhD (Brest), Prof & Scientific Director of the Canadian Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture Network - 1989
  • Dowding, Barbara, BSc, MSc (MUN), Sr Teaching Assoc - 2001
  • Feicht, Anton, BSc, PhD (UNB), Sr Teaching Assoc - 2001
  • Frego, Katherine, BSc (Winn), MSc (Manit), PhD (Tor) Prof - 1993
  • Forward, Benjamin, Adjunct Prof - 2009
  • Fraser, Albert, Adjunct Prof - 2010
  • Goodwin, Clare, Adjunct Prof - 2017
  • Gray, Christopher, BSc (Univ College of Wales, Bangor), MSc Zoology, PhD Chemistry (Rhodes University, South Africa), Assoc Prof – 2010
  • Granger, Aaron, BSc, PhD (UNB), DUT, Instructor, 2014 
  • Houlahan, Jeff, BA (Carl), BSc, PhD (Ott), Prof - 2003
  • Hunt, Heather, BSc, PhD (Dal), Prof - 2012
  • Johnson, John, BSc, MSc, PhD (UNB), Prof - 1989
  • Kayser, Margaret, BSc, MSc, PhD (Ott), Honorary Research Assoc, Prof Emeritus - 2009
  • Keshavarzi, Shokat, BSc (Iran), BEd(UBC, Canada), MSc (Iran), PhD (UOW, Australia), Senior Instructor, 2014
  • Kidd, Karen, BSc (Guelph), PhD (Alta), Prof -2004
  • Kieffer, James, BSc (Ott), MSc, PhD (Qu), Prof - 1996
  • Kilada, Raouf, Adjunct Prof - 2017
  • Lawton, Peter, Adjunct Prof - 2010
  • MacDonald, Bruce A., BSc (Acad), MSc (UNB), PhD (MUN) Prof, Assoc Dean Graduate Studies - 1992
  • Major, Heather, BsC (Dal), MSc (MUN), PhD (Simon Fraser), Asst Prof - 2013
  • Martyniuk, Christopher, BSc (Simon Fraser), MSc (Guelph), PhD (Ott), Adjunct Prof - 2013
  • McAlpine, Donald, Adjunct Prof - 2006
  • McMaster, Mark, Adjunct Prof - 2013
  • Methven, David, Adjunct Prof - 2006
  • Miron, Gilles, Adjunct Prof - 2003
  • Page, Fred, Adjunct Prof - 2009
  • Pohle, Gerhard, Adjunct Prof - 2010
  • Reid, Gregor, Adjunct Prof - 2013
  • Reiman, Tony, Adjunct Prof - 2009
  • Robichaud, Gilles, Adjunct Prof - 2012
  • Robinson, Shawn, Adjunct Prof - 2007
  • Rochette, Rémy, BSc, PhD (Laval), Prof -2001
  • Sainte-Marie, Bernard, Adjunct Prof – 2010
  • Sibley, Paul, Adjunct Prof - 2013
  • Stephenson, Robert, Adjunct Prof - 2010
  • Taylor, Sherry A.M., Adjunct Prof - 2012
  • Terhune, John M., BScAgr, MSc (Guelph), Lic Scient (Aarhus), Prof Emeritus & Hon Research Prof - 2012
  • Turnbull, Stephen D., BSc (Manit.), BEd, MSc, PhD (UNB), Sr Teaching Assoc (Saint John) - 1994
  • Ugarte, Raul, Adjunct Prof - 2009
  • Wilson, Lucy, BA (UNB), DEA, PhD (Univ.of Paris VI), Prof - 2011
  • Xiao, Shaorong, Cert. In IT, MSc, PhD (C.Lancs), Sr Teaching Assoc – 2011

Department of Computer Science

  • Baker, Christopher, BSc (Univ of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK), PhD (Univ of Wales, UK), Prof - 2012
  • Belacel, Nabil, Adjunct Prof (Joint Appt: Faculty of CS UNBF) - 2003
  • Garey, Lawrence E., BSc (St FX), MA, PhD (Dal), Prof Emeritus - 2009
  • Kaser, Owen, BCSS (Acad), MS, PhD (SUNY, Stony Brook), Assoc Prof  - 1993
  • LeMire, Daniel, Adjunct Proffesor, (University of Quebec) - 2005
  • Light, Janet, BEng (Madras), MEng (Bharathiar), PhD (Avinashilingam), Prof & Chair - 2012
  • Mahanti, Prabhat, BSc (Calc), MSc, PhD (Indian Inst. of Technology), Prof - 2001
  • Shaw, Ruth, BScDA, MScCS, PhD (UNB), Prof - 1986
  • Tasse, Josee, BScCS (Montr), PhD (McG), Assoc Prof - 1997

Department of Engineering

  • Christie, James S., BScE, MScE, PhD (UNB), PEng, Prof - 1989
  • Cotter, G. Terrance, BScE, MScE (UNB), PhD (Purdue), PEng, Hon Research Prof - 1972
  • Gadoura, Idris, BSCE (Libya), MSCE, PhD (HUT, Finland), PEng, Senior Teaching Assoc – 2006
  • Keshavarzi, Shokat, BSc (Iran), BEd(UBC, Canada), MSc (Iran), PhD (UOW, Australia), Senior Instructor - Engineering Physics, 2014
  • Prasad, Ramesh C., BScE (BhU), MTech (IIT), MScE, PhD (UNB), PEng, Hon Research Prof  - 1982
  • Riley, Peregrine, BScE (Qu), PhD (UNB), PEng, Sr Teaching Assoc  and Chair - 1986
  • Roach, Dale, BScEng, PhD (UNB), PEng, DUT, Senior Teaching Assoc - 2000
  • Sollows, Kenneth F., BScE, MScE, PhD (UNB), PEng, Assoc Prof - 1985
  • Walton, Byron A., Eng Cert (Mt.All.), BScE (NSTC), MScE (UNB), PEng, Senior Teaching Assoc- 1975

Department of Mathematics and Statistics

  • Alderson, C. Hope, BSc (UPEI), MSc, PhD (UWO), Senior Instructor - 2018
  • Alderson, Timothy, BSc, MSc, PhD (UWO), Prof & Chair - 2010
  • Burgess, Andrea, BA, MSc (MUN), PhD (Ottawa), Assoc Prof - 2018
  • Gupta, Rameshwar D., BSc, MSc (Meerut), MA, PhD (Dal), Prof Emeritus - 2010
  • Hamdan, Mohammad, BSc, MSc, PhD (Windsor), Prof -1991
  • McKay, Rebecca, BSc (MUN), MSc, PhD (Dal), Senior Instructor - 2016
  • Stephenson, Matthew, BSc, MSc, PhD (Guelph), Assistant Prof - 2020
  • Stewart, Connie, BSc (UNB), MSc (Dal), PhD (Dal), Prof – 2013

Department of Psychology

  • Best, Lisa, BA (York), MA (Arkansas Little Rock), PhD (Maine), Prof & Chair - 2008
  • Both, Lilly E., BA (Manit), MA, PhD (Wat), Assoc Prof - 2011
  • Brunelle, Caroline, BA (Hons)(Laval), PhD (McGill), Prof - 2006
  • Campbell, Mary Ann, BA (Hons) (Dal), MA (Lakehead), PhD (Dal), Prof  & Director, Centre for Criminial Justice Studies - 2004
  • DiTommaso, Enrico, BA (McG), MA, PhD (UNB), Prof - 1997
  • Gendreau, Paul, BA, MA (OH), PhD (Qu), Professor Emeritus - 2007
  • Goddard, Murray J., BA (Calg), PhD (McM), Honorary Research Professor - 1987
  • Law, Moira A., BSc (Hons) (UNB), MA, PhD (Carleton), Instructor - 2020
  • McGuire, Katherine, BA (Hons), MEd, MA (UNB), Senior Teaching Associate - 2006
  • Speed, David, BA (Brock), MASP (Memorial), PhD (Memorial), Assistant Professor - 2017
  • Wilbiks, Jonathan, BSc (Hons) (Toronto), MA (Sheffield), PhD (Ryerson), Asst Prof - 2018


  • Logan, Alan, BSc, PhD (Dunelm), Honorary Res Prof - 2002

Nursing and Health Sciences

  • Doucet, Shelley, BN (UNB), MScN (UWO), PhD (UNB), Jarislowsky Chair in Interprofessional Patient-Centred Care, Associate Professor - 2010
  • Dupont, Diana, BN (UNB), MN (UNB), Instructor - 2018
  • Furlong, Karen, RN Dip (SJSN), BN (UNB), MN (UNB), PhD (UNB), Diploma University Teaching (UNB), Senior Teaching Associate – 2000
  • Gregg, Emily BN (UNB) MN (UNB) PhD c Queen’s University Instructor 2019
  • Hamilton, Catherine, BSN Duke University, Certified Nurse-Midwife, MSc Yale University, ARNP, MSN, PhD, University of Florida, Lecturer - 2017
  • Hatfield, Meagan BN(UNB) MN ( Athabasca University), DUT (UNB) Instructor 2019
  • Keeping-Burke, Lisa, BN (MUN), MN (MUN), PhD (McG), Associate Professor, Associate Dean of Health Research - 2012
  • Manzer, Dana, RN Dip, BN (UNB), MN-PHCNP (AU), Diploma in University Teaching (UNB), PhD ),  Assistant Professor- 2016
  • March, Angela, BN (UNB), MN (UNB), Diploma in University Teaching (UNB), Instructor - 2016
  • Mawhinney, Kathleen BN (UNB), MN (UNB), Diploma in University Teaching (UNB), Senior Instructor - 2010
  • McCloskey, Rose, BSc (Acad.), RN Dip (Hfx.Inf.SN), BN (UNB), Diploma in Adult Ed. (St FX), MN (UNB), PhD (UNB), CNA Certification Gerontology Diploma University Teaching (UNB), Professor - 2000
  • Nagel, Daniel, RN, Dip (Misercordia Hospital, Edmonton), BScN (U of A), MSN (UBC), PhD (U of Ottawa), Assistant Professor - 2016
  • O’Brien-Larivee, Catherine, BN (UNB), MSc Applied Nursing (McG), Diploma University Teaching 2004, Senior Teaching Associate - 2004
  • Pastirik, Pamela, BN (UNB), MSN (UBC), CNA Certification Perinatal Nursing, Senior Teaching Associate - 2002
  • Shamputa, Isodore Chola, BSc (UNZA), MSc, PhD (VUB), Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow 2007-2011 (NIH), BScN 2015 (Dal), Certification in Microbiology (Canadian College of Microbiologists), Assistant Professor-2018
  • Simpson, Catharine BN (UNB) MN ( Athabasca University ), DUT (UNB) Instructor 2019
  • Waycott, Loretta BA (STU), BN (UNB) MN ( Athabasca University) DUT (UNB) Instructor-2019


  • Backman, Philip J., BSc (Dal), MSc (UND), Sr Teach Assoc - 2012

Students are strongly encouraged to read Section B of the Calendar for General Regulations governing the degree. General information on the BSc degree can also be found in Section G. of the Calendar.

In the Faculty of Science, Applied Science and Engineering, the minimum acceptable grade in a required course or course being used as a prerequisite is normally a grade of "C". Any student who fails to obtain a "C" or better in such a course must repeat the course (at the next regular session) until a grade of "C" or better is attained. Students will not be eligible for graduation until such deficiencies are removed. Please see specific degree programs for further information.

Students in the degree programs of Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Bachelor of Information Sciences, and Bachelor of Nursing, who complete the requirements for approved minor programs at UNB, will receive recognition of the minor upon completion of the respective degree program.

Students who have completed three full years of a BSc program with the University of New Brunswick and enter a program leading to a degree in a science-based health profession at a recognized school may be granted the BSc degree. To be eligible for consideration under this policy; (1) a student must be enrolled in a professional program that includes the equivalent of at least 7 term courses in science which are recognized by the Faculty of Science, Applied Science and Engineering at UNB to be of upper level science material; (2) a student must have successfully completed at least 7 of these recognized course equivalents.

The Faculty has determined that these requirements can be satisfied by students who have successfully completed two years of Medicine, Dentistry or Veterinary Medicine, or three years of Pharmacy, or graduated from Optometry.

Students wishing to be considered for a BSc general degree who satisfy the above conditions must apply in writing, complete with official transcripts, to the Registrar.

Although similar, the first-year requirements for the various BSc options differ from one another. They are specified separately for each option.
In the second and succeeding years, students will typically specialize by taking courses appropriate to one of many options that are available to them. Nine of these (Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Biology, Geology, Marine Biology, Physics, Psychology, Mathematics, and Statistics) lead naturally to specialization. Seven interdepartmental programs (Biology-Chemistry, Biology-Mathematics/Statistics, Biology-Psychology, Chemistry-Geology, Chemistry-Mathematics, Chemistry-Physics and Mathematics-Economics) are available. The remaining option, General Science, provides a variety of choices in both Science and Arts electives.

Normally all Psychology courses counted toward the BSc. Psychology Major, Psychology Honours degree and the Bio-Psyc Major and Honours degree must have been completed within the 10 years prior to graduation.

Note: Students should note that the full four years required for programs in Mathematics, Statistics, Economics, Psychology, Biology, Marine Biology, Environmental Biology, Biology-Psychology, Mathematics-Economics, Information Sciences and Computer Science may be completed on the Saint John campus and that the Marine Biology and Information Sciences programs are offered only on the Saint John campus. The full four years of a General Science option are also offered at Saint John.