V. Minor Programs 

The University offers students an opportunity to broaden and complement their programs of study by completing the requirements for a Minor. A complete list of approved Minor Programs is available in the Registrar's Office. A Minor program can be a University interdisciplinary Minor or one offered through a faculty or department.

  1. Students interested in pursuing a Minor Program should consult with their program advisor to determine if a Minor will be permitted and to discuss its relation to their program of study. Advice and course approval must then be obtained from the coordinator, committee or individual responsible for the Minor. Normally, a student must declare a Minor on or before registration for final year. A student may declare a Minor after this date only with the approval of the Registrar, with the concurrence of the Department(s) concerned.
  2. A Minor can be taken only in conjunction with a degree program and must be completed while the student is qualifying for the degree. Successful completion of the Minor will be recorded on the student's transcript of record. The same procedure must be followed for each successive Minor.
  3. A Minor shall consist of eight term courses or the equivalent (a minimum of 24 credit hours) and shall be selected to form a coherent set or sequence of courses. The student must achieve a grade of "C" or better in each course for it to be counted as part of the Minor. Compulsory or required courses in a student's degree program normally may not form part of the Minor.
  4. A student who has completed a Minor located in one degree program may apply to and, if admitted, enter a second degree program to obtain a second bachelor's degree. Such a student could obtain the Majors or Honours designation in the same field as the Minor if the requirements are completed successfully under the regulations governing a "Second Undergraduate Bachelor's Degree".
  5. Students interested in pursuing more than one minor program must have permission from their faculty advisor. All above regulations apply.