Pre-MBA Program

The Pre-MBA Program is a full-time, intensive, non-credit program offered by Saint John College and UNB Saint John's Master of Business Administration program. It is designed to help international students bridge the gap between their undergraduate education, work experience and the entry requirements of UNB Saint John's MBA program.

The Pre-MBA program is designed for international students who have been accepted to the UNB Saint John MBA Program but who need to increase their level of English language abilities as a condition of their admission to the MBA Program.

To enter the Pre-MBA Program, students must meet all of the academic and work experience requirements of the UNB Saint John MBA Program.

English language requirements

The UNB Saint John MBA Program requires an IELTS score of 7.0 or a CAEL score of 60 in order to enter the program.

To enter the Pre-MBA Program, you must have an IELTS score of 6.0 or a CAEL score of 50.

Program duration

The Pre-MBA Program is an eight-month (two semester), full-time program and is divided into two modules. Students can enter the Pre-MBA Program in September of each year.

The next Pre-MBA Program will run from Sept. 9, 2024 to April 25, 2025.

Course requirements

The Pre-MBA Program includes a combination of English-second-language development courses and introductory business courses.

Module I courses

  • NCPM 1300: Math Foundations
  • NCPM 1301: Academic Notetaking
  • NCPM 1302: Critical Reading and Writing
  • NCPM 1304: Business English and Culture I
  • NCPM 1318: Intensive English

Module II courses

  • NCPM 1303: Research and Writing
  • NCPM 1306: Business English and Culture II
  • NCPM 1314: Accounting for Managers I
  • NCPM 1317: Math Tools for MBA
  • NCPM 1318: Intensive English II
  • NCPM 1311: Organizational Behaviour (not always offered)
  • NCEL 1250: GMAT Preparation (not required for all students)

In Module I, students take five courses and focus primarily on improving and increasing their academic English language skills as well as becoming familiar with Canadian business language and culture.

In Module II, students take six to seven courses and focus on improving their knowledge of core business concepts in areas such as economics, accounting, math and general business.


Upon acceptance to the Pre-MBA Program, students are required to pay a $1000 deposit to confirm their seat in the program. This deposit is non-refundable but will be applied towards students’ full program fees once they register in the program.

Accommodations and student services

Residence accommodation is available to international students who study at Saint John College.

Pre-MBA students have access to all on-campus student services at UNB Saint John, including counseling services and the Student Health Centre.

Program policies

Students in the Pre-MBA Program are considered full-time students of the University of New Brunswick. As a result, the majority of the program policies that govern the Pre-MBA Program are the same as those used within the wider university. See the Pre-MBA handbook for more information.

How to apply

In order to join the Pre-MBA Program, you must be conditionally accepted to the UNB Saint John MBA program.

The application deadline for the Pre-MBA Program is May 15 for a September start.