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Programming competitions

We participate in programming competitions for current students throughout the year. We also host competitions in English for middle and high school students from New Brunswick and often partner with Université de Moncton, which hosts equivalent competitions in French.

NB High School Programming Competition

Open to all New Brunswick high school students (grades 9-12), the NB High School Programming Competition is hosted every year to promote the development of programming clubs and skills at the high school level.

See our Facebook page for updates on the 2024 competition. Teachers and coaches, you can also request to have your email added to our contact list for updates by contacting

Science Atlantic CS Competition

Science Atlantic (formerly APICS) is a charitable association of 18 post secondary and research institutes in Atlantic Canada with a mandate to advance science education and research at the undergraduate level. 

Every year, the Computer Science Committee of Science Atlantic has hosted the Atlantic Canadian Programming Contest (ACPC). For many years, it was a round of the ICPC Programming Contest. The ACPC is no longer an ICPC event, but can serve as an important warmup - our students can now directly compete in the Northeastern North American Round, with or without having particpated in the ACPC.