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The Faculty of SASE is home to seven academic departments:

Biological Sciences: Immerse yourself in the study of science. Our seven undergraduate programs will prepare you for a variety of careers and graduate programs.

Computer Science: Benefit from practical experiences in computing in the workplace and our expertise in web science, data mining and data management. Change the world and reward yourself with an innovative career in a growing job market at the forefront of the digital revolution.

Engineering: Specialize in one of seven fields with the benefit of small classes. A degree in engineering means you’ll bring our world to life with a strong foundation for an exciting and multi-faceted career.

Mathematics and Statistics: Discover the meaning of data and how it puts our world in order. The Department of Mathematics and Statistics offers you small class sizes, a range of courses and tutoring opportunities.

Nursing and Health Sciences: Your classroom is steps away from the province’s largest healthcare facility. With in-class theory and on-site practical training, the Department of Nursing and Health Sciences prepares you for the fast-paced and multi-faceted world of health care.

Physics: The Department of Physics helps you reach objective conclusions about how nature works in a disciplined way. We will help you to trust your intuition while you study matter, energy and their interaction.

Psychology: Study the mind and its behaviour in small and interactive classes, with access to active research projects and labs. Discover why and how we do the things we do and understand our desires and emotions.