Experience the residence advantage

Increased academic support

Living in residence provides students with an environment to excel academically:

  • designated study lounges
  • policies such as quiet hours during exams
  • RAs who can help students pick courses or navigate academic struggles
  • the convenience of having fellow classmates in close proximity

The residence advantage means that there’s always someone willing to help students!

Social activities

The residence experience is the ultimate university experience for students. The residence council, chosen by students, organizes activities like:

  • movie nights
  • competitions
  • an evening out to a hockey game
  • board game nights
  • potlucks
  • fundraisers

There is something for everyone!

Increased social networking

Living in residence is the best way to meet others instantly in a supportive environment.

Our orientation week provides Residence Life with a forum where students can meet each other through positive activities.

There’s never a shortage of people around to mix and mingle with: they are neighbours or down the hall with their door open.

Coming through our halls means the opportunity to meet at least one of your best friends here!

Enhanced safety and security

Students in our residences have peace of mind. Our buildings are locked 24-7. We give key card access only to students living in residence and staff who work there.

Security cameras are placed in certain locations throughout the residence halls and they’re only viewed if need be.

Residence life staff are on-duty and on-call 24-7. There are complete scheduled rounds throughout the halls every day.

We also have clear, defined and practiced emergency plans in place with dedicated staff.

Accelerated growth and development

Living in residence allows students the opportunity to grow as an individual and develop and learn new skills outside classrooms.

Residence life offers opportunities in leadership and personal development.

Our programming gives students the opportunity to learn on:

  • global citizenship
  • mutual respect
  • community responsibility
  • communication
  • conflict resolution

Our mandate and philosophy, combined with the dedication of the RAs, means that students benefit from the uniqueness of communal living.

Comprehensive transitional support

There is always someone available to help, whether you are experiencing issues or concerns with your:

  • classes
  • emotions
  • mental health
  • roommates

Our RAs are trained comprehensively to act as first responders or front-line support for students experiencing these problems. They can also reach out for help via the residence life coordinator.

We have a variety of policies, rules and procedures in place to ensure a safe, secure and fun living and learning environment for everyone.

Peace of mind

Students have one residence fee to pay each semester (or all at once!).

They have peace of mind because all their living expenses are taken care of, such as internet, cable, heat, electricity and water.

By being already on campus, students are close to all classes, the library and an enriching academic and social environment. If they have a meal plan, they don’t need to worry about groceries!