Barry and Flora Beckett Residence

The Barry and Flora Beckett residence offers UNB Saint John students a new type of room, adjoining singles, which currently don't exist on campus. A limited number of private singles is also available.

Big rooms

The larger than normal bedrooms include:

  • an adjustable double bed
  • a premium dresser
  • a manager's desk and chair
  • a built-in new style closet

The semi-private washroom has a shared shower, toilette and each student will have their own private sink with ample storage.

This highly energy-efficient building gives students total control over the temperature of their bedroom including the options to heat or air-condition their space.

Peer connections

This residence includes a large multi-purpose lounge, a large study lounge and two large laundry rooms.

In keeping with our campus culture, this building will be connected to our pedway system.