High School Tutoring Program

The High School Tutoring Program is a twice-weekly tutoring initiative offered to the youth from Crescent Valley and the Old North End in grades 9-12.

This is an intensive tutoring initiative geared to ensure students are on track for a timely high school graduation and to encourage post-secondary options.

The program is designed and supervised by certified teachers who make sure that tutoring resources and enrichment is in-line with the student's current high school curriculum.

To date 100% participants graduated: 80-90% within the traditional 4 year model and 20-10% persisted and graduated within 5-6 years. Promise Partnership participants are not only obtaining high school diplomas but are pursuing post-secondary options. To date 67% of our graduating students have been accepted into post-secondary institutions.

Bursary opportunities are available for Promise Partnership participants.

For more information, or to volunteer with this program please email promise@unb.ca.