High school tutoring and mentoring

Saint John High School and St. Malachy’s High School

The Promise Partnership High School Tutoring and Mentoring Program is an initiative for local youth in grades 9-12. This initiative is geared to help students build their academic skills, make positive connections with university students and encourage post-secondary options.

Mentoring and tutoring from UNB Saint John university students offers valuable support to high school-aged youth through various means:

  • Academic support: Mentors help students set goals, improve study skills and tackle tough subjects. They provide homework assistance and help with exam preparation, boosting academic performance.
  • Career insights: Mentors can introduce students to career options, share industry insights, and provide guidance on educational and vocational choices, helping them make informed decisions about their future.
  • Future planning: Mentors can help high school students set goals, plan for university/college or vocational paths, explore scholarship opportunities and manage their finances.
  • Cultural awareness: Mentoring exposes young individuals to diverse cultures, perspectives, and experiences, fostering an inclusive and open-minded worldview.

Mentoring is a vital support system for high school students, offering academic and practical assistance. It plays a crucial role in their personal and academic growth, helping them navigate adolescence and prepare for a successful future.

We are excited to bring back a program that has helped so many high school students graduate and support them going into post-secondary institutions.

Annex pairing with the Idea Centre Program

This fall, we are excited to open the Promise Partnership doors to our local ASD-S Idea program. The IDEA (Innovation, Development, Entrepreneurship and Action) Centre Program for Enterprise Education serves onsite and online students to learn about entrepreneurship, business and community action. Hosted primarily at the Connexion Works Business Centre in Saint John, the site offers onsite project-based learning for students.

Students receive mentorship and expertise from entrepreneurs, social innovators and community builders while receiving school credits for their work. During their program, these students will have opportunities to come to UNB Saint John to attend lectures on marketing and economics and for mentoring opportunities. These will be booked at various times throughout the semester.

Promise Partnership is in the process of connecting these high school students with UNB Saint John Mentors in areas such as music, marketing, fashion, podcasts, writing, ethical investing, digital animation, youth issues, video editing, investment and finance - affordable housing and investment and other things.

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