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High School Tutoring Program

The High School Tutoring Program is a twice-weekly tutoring initiative offered to the youth from Crescent Valley and the Old North End in grades 9-12.

This intensive tutoring initiative based out of our Saint John campus is geared to ensure students are on track for a timely high school graduation and to encourage post-secondary options.

The program is designed and supervised by certified teachers who make sure that tutoring resources and enrichment is in-line with the student's current high school curriculum.

Due to Covid-19 our tutoring program has changed. Tutors will be meeting with students via MS Teams. Coordinators will be facilitating virtual calls. All materials and training for tutoring will be provided on D2L.

To date 100% participants graduated: 80-90% within the traditional 4 year model and 20-10% persisted and graduated within 5-6 years. Promise Partnership participants are not only obtaining high school diplomas but are pursuing post-secondary options. To date 67% of our graduating students have been accepted into post-secondary institutions.

Bursary opportunities are available for Promise Partnership participants.

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