Through the support of donors, the Promise Partnership has been able to offer a variety of programming to help participating children and families optimize their ability to engage in effective education.

Donor support has been instrumental in helping the Promise Partnership achieve its goal of supporting youth in Saint John’s Priority Neighbourhoods as they strive to reach their full academic potential.

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In addition to supporting programming, donors have also changed lives by providing bursaries for graduating participants to attend UNB.

UNB Saint John undergraduate students who participated in the Promise Partnership Program are also encouraged to apply.

For further information on applying for Promise Partnership bursaries, contact Jay LeBlanc, Student Success Advisor, Student Services.

Donor recognition

Investing in our community benefits us all. We could not accomplish our goals without the support, involvement, and enthusiasm of our donors.

Donor report

To date the Promise Partnership is proud to be represented and supported by the following donors:

  • Mr. Michael E. Alderman
  • Mrs. Anne M. Baker
  • Mr. Kevin Mark Barry
  • Ms. Sarah B. Birch
  • Mr. William W. Bogle
  • Mrs. Kathleen P. Brien
  • The Hon. Alfred H. Brien
  • Dr. Fred Bruemmer
  • Dr. Ian R. Cameron
  • Ms. Heather B. Cameron
  • Dr. Eddy Campbell
  • Mrs. Diane Campbell
  • Ms. Wendy M. Carlisle
  • Ms. Lesley O. Cole
  • Ms. Sandra Crabtree
  • Ms. Diane Devine
  • Mr. Brian Dunstan
  • Ms. Judith Dunstan
  • Dr. Beth Gilbert
  • Mr. Richard Goss
  • Mr. Larry Hachey
  • Ms. Donna Hachey
  • Ms. Patricia Lynn King
  • Mr. Dennis Knibb
  • Sgt. Robert John Landers
  • Ms. Jennifer E. Lavigne
  • Dr. Gary M. Lawson, Q.C.
  • Mrs. Beth Lawson
  • Ms. Marilyn L. Lester
  • Ms. Wahkuna Nerine Lisik
  • Mr. Brian Malcolm Love
  • Dr. Robert A. MacKinnon
  • Mrs. Karen MacKinnon
  • Mr. Tony Maillet
  • Mr. Daniel L. McDougall
  • Ms. Mary Lee McKenna
  • The Rev'd Canon Bruce McKenna
  • Ms. A. Elizabeth Messer
  • Miss Frances J. Morrisey
  • Mr. Thomas Onno
  • Mr. Daniel A. Sakyiamah
  • Mr. Robert Belyea Scott
  • Dr. Connie Beth Stewart
  • Dr. James Ashley Stewart
  • Ms. Colleen Charlotte Sullivan
  • Ms. Nova Lea Thorne
  • Dr. Livianna S. Tossutti
  • Mr. Victor Tossutti
  • Mr. David S. Trott
  • Ms. Marion Williams


  • Atlantic Central and Bayview Credit Union
  • Brunswick Credit Union
  • Crabtree Foundation
  • Devine Freight Brokerage Ltd.
  • Emera New Brunswick
  • Friends & Co-Workers At PWGSC - Moncton
  • Golden Key International Honor
  • NB Innovation Foundation
  • Potash Corp of Saskatchewan
  • Robert Scott Insurance Agency Ltd


  • Saint John College Development Inc.
  • The Joyce Family Foundation
  • Greater Saint John Community Foundation
  • Sisters of Charity of the Immaculate Conception
  • Stewart McKelvey
  • TD Bank Group
  • United Way Serving Saint John, Kings and Charlotte
  • Wesley & Patricia Armour Foundation