Strategic Research Plan

srp page

UNB's Strategic Research Plan provides a high-level, strategic summary of UNB's identified strengths and priorities in institutional research activity.

The SRP is periodically reviewed and updated to reflect the current moment in UNB’s research excellence. The most recent version covers the 2023-2028 period.

We recognize the comprehensive and broad range of research activities that take place at UNB and the continued value and importance of discovery-based research. While all areas and disciplines may not be explicitly enumerated here, we nevertheless anticipate that the majority of our research community will see their research program reflected in the themes identified.

The document is required for UNB’s continued eligibility for the tri-agency Canada Research Chairs Program (CRCP). This CRCP requirement, along with the recent publication of UNB Toward 2030, has provided an ideal opportunity to update, modernize and align our SRP. This update is also reflective of the emphasis placed on research and innovation activities, at an institutional level, as part of the strategic planning process.