Strategic Research Plan Steering Committee


Vice President (Research) – Chair

Deans, both campuses (15)

2 research chairs (self-nominated)

  • Dr. Paul Peters, Professor, Faculty of Arts, Fredericton Campus
  • Dr. Chris Baker, Professor, Faculty of Science, Applied Science & Engineering, Saint John Campus

4 students (1 undergraduate & 1 graduate student from each campus)

  • Ms. Katie Davie, President, Undergraduate Student Union, Fredericton Campus
  • Mr. Aditya Roshan, President, Graduate Student Association, Fredericton Campus

4 faculty (self-nominated – 2 from each campus)

1 contract academic employee (self-nominated to represent both campuses)

2 senators (appointed by and from the Saint John and Fredericton Senates)

2 librarians (to represent both campuses – chosen by the Libraries)

2 ORS staff (one from each campus – selected by ORS)

Staff members

  • Melissa Dawe, Director of Strategic Projects, Office of the President
  • Amanda Manuel, Executive Assistant / Project Coordinator, Office of the Vice-President (Research)