Research Ethics

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The University of New Brunswick has given the Research Ethics Boards (REBs) on both campuses the responsibility of ensuring compliance with Tri-Council and UNB policies for all research projects at UNB that involve collecting data from humans. At the same time, the REBs strive to ensure that such compliance protects the principles of academic freedom and high scholarship.

Ethics forms

Please note: To access all VPR forms, policies and guidelines, please go to the UNB Policy Repository and filter by "Office of Research Services" in the "Department" field (unless otherwise indicated below). You may then use the alphabetical listing to find the applicable document.

Policies and procedures

All research proposals, whether new or renewals, that involve human participants must be approved by the REB of the applicable campus. The following links include information, forms, and guidelines in this area:

Contact us

Contact the REB Fredericton: R. Steven Turner (Chair of the REB); Renée Audet-Martel (REB Coordinator)

Contact the REB Saint John: Lisa Best (Chair of the REB); Judy Arseneau (Secretary)

REB Members for Both Campuses

UNB Fredericton Campus

R. Steven Turner (Chair), Faculty of Arts, Department of History
Renée Audet-Martel, UNB REB Coordinator
Jeff Landine, Faculty of Education
Tracey Rickards, Faculty of Nursing
Usha Kuruganti, Faculty of Kinesiology
Aloke Chatterjee, Faculty of Law
Joy Haines Bacon, Community Representative
Dana Hanson, Community Representative

UNB Saint John Campus

Lisa Best, (Chair), Department of Psychology
Judy Arseneau, Secretary
Beth Keyes, Department of Social Sciences
Rose McCloskey, Department of Nursing & Health Sciences
Caroline Brunelle, Department of Psychology
Mostaq Hussain, Faculty of Business
Rebecca Atkinson, Community & Legal Representative
Bryn Robinson, Community Representative
Signe Gurholdt, NBCC Representative (non-voting)