Common Questions

I would like to be a Postdoctoral Fellow at UNB.  How do I apply?

Postdoctoral Fellows (PDFs) are hired individually by UNB Researchers.  The Office of the VP Research is responsible issuing all formal offers to potential PDFs upon review of all the paperwork required from the Researcher(s) in order to offer a PDF but we do not seek out or interview prospective applicants.  Our advice is always to contact the department(s) that best suits your professional interests or abilities and ask them to circulate your CV within their units as a potential Postdoctoral Fellow.

I have received funding to conduct a Postdoctoral Fellowship at any institution of my choosing and I would like to come to UNB.  What do I need to do?

If you are coming to UNB as a PDF and your funding will be coming to you directly from a third party you are still required to seek out a UNB faculty member/Researcher to supervise you during your time at UNB.  This person will need to complete the necessary paperwork identifying you as a UNB PDF which will ensure that you are added to any risk management or liability policies in effect at UNB.  If you are having difficulty identifying someone we can certainly help you make some connections.

As a UNB Postdoctoral Fellow will I have to pay taxes?

Yes, since the release of the Federal Budget in 2010 which clarified the fact that fellowships are taxable income in Canada all PDFs at UNB are responsible to pay Income Tax.  Most PDFs at UNB are considered employees at the university and as such are responsible for paying all of the normal employment deductions.

 My Visa application is asking for a Labour Market Assessment Impact (LMIA) file number, how do I get this?

Postdoctoral Fellowships are Human Resources and Development Canada (HRDC) exempt and as such do not require HRDC approval to conduct research/teaching activities in Canada.  This exemption falls under regulation #205(c) ii, code C44.   The engagement letter templates have been written with careful attention to non-residents and include the required information for the IRCC application.  If you are being asked for this information you likely have applied for the wrong type of work permit.

Can I be a Postdoctoral Fellow at UNB if I have not yet graduated with my PhD?      

If a person has completed all of the requirements for his/her PhD (all courses, thesis, defence, and final submission of thesis copies to the university) and is merely waiting to convocate, he/she may begin a fellowship.  The Office of the VP (Research) will require you to provide a letter from the Graduate Studies Office at your current university verifying this information.  If a person has not yet defended his/her thesis, they are not eligible to be a Postdoc.   Persons applying for a Postdoctoral Fellowship at UNB must be within 5 years receipt of their PhD. 

What does the Vice-President (Research) office need in order to process a new Postdoctoral Fellowship application?

In order to process a new Postdoc application this office requires that the supervisor submit:

  • an “Application to Hire a New Postdoctoral Fellow”
  • a current version of the potential Postdocs Curriculum Vitae
  • two letters of reference
  • if the PDF will be paid directly from any outside source, a copy of their award letter must be included
  • proof of receiving or defending PhD
  • a copy of the photo page of their passports (if the candidate is international)
  • a copy of any existing Canadian work permits (if the candidate is international)

How and when do I get paid?

Postdocs will be paid bi-weekly. It is imperative that we have received acceptance of your offer and that you have completed all of the necessary UNB payroll forms before your payroll services can commence.  Please either communicate with the administrative staff in your new UNB department or directly with the Office of People and Culture at UNB to receive instructions on how to register as a new employee at UNB.  If you are late arriving, (i.e. it is past the original start date indicated on your letter of offer) your supervisor will need to complete further paperwork with the Office of the VP (Research) before you can be added to the payroll system.  This may delay your payroll services and therefore it is highly recommended that you arrive and begin work as indicated in your letter of offer.

How do I obtain access to the UNB Libraries?

Once in the payroll system, you are then able to acquire your UNB Identification Card (UCard).  This will, among other things, give you access to all UNB libraries. 

The administrative staff in your new UNB department can assist you with instructions on how to get this ID card.

I have been working at UNB as a Postdoc and am in need of a letter confirming my employment.  How do I acquire such a letter?

Employment confirmation letters are provided by the Office of People and Culture at UNB.  Please contact this office at for assistance with this matter.