Sexual assault policy review

In 2016, UNB launched its first Sexual Assault Policy, along with a comprehensive set of procedures. In recognizing that addressing sexual assault is an ongoing and evolving issue, the policy calls for a regular review of both the policy itself and the institution’s established procedures, to ensure appropriate supports and responses are in place to support survivors of all forms of sexual violence.

In December 2020, a Sexual Assault Policy Review Committee was convened to undertake the first review of the existing policy and procedures. A report, including recommendations arising from the review, was submitted to the president in November 2021.

Implementing change

Through extensive consultation with individuals and various groups within and outside UNB, the committee confirmed that UNB has done a significant amount of work since 2016 to improve its ability to increase the awareness and prevention of sexual violence on its campuses.

As an institution, gains have been made over the past several years; however, there is still much work to be done. Based on the work of the review committee, four areas of focus were determined:

  1. Prevention and Awareness
  2. Education and Professional Development
  3. Intervention
  4. Policy and Strategic Development

An implementation group is being established to move priority areas for improvement forward, working with our existing Task Force on Campus Sexual Assault. Work will begin in fall 2022.