Education and prevention

Educational opportunities

Educational programming is offered to students and staff to strengthen awareness of sexual violence as well as fortify response measures by campus students and leaders.

Learning opportunities include:

  • Full-Day Disclosure Training with for Students
  • Full-Day Disclosure Training for Faculty and Staff
  • Bystander Trainings
  • Adjudicator Training
  • Consent/Healthy Relationships Presentations
  • Working Therapeutically with Survivors of Sexual Assault; Counsellor Training
  • Sexual Assault Crisis Intervention Training (SACIT)
  • Empowerment Project/ Man to Man Facilitator Training
  • Security/Investigations Training

See Sexual Violence New Brunswick for more information on these and other educational opportunities.

Seeds of change; bystander skills that transform cultures of sexual violence

SVNB works in partnership with post-secondary institutions in New Brunswick to improve sexual violence awareness within the campus community. One of our most accessible trainings is the online modules titled: Seeds of Change; Bystander Skills that Transform Cultures of Sexual Violence.

Bystander intervention training has been proven to be a successful tool in helping to raise awareness about sexual violence on campus and encourage individuals to feel confident intervening when possible. While most prevention programming is aimed toward individuals learning how to protect themselves from violence, these workshops veer away from victim blaming attitudes and seek to empower communities to make change in their own lives, perpetuating a culture of violence-intolerance.

There are three modules in this course and each module has two lessons. After completing each lesson, you will unlock the next within this course. After finishing the sixth and last lesson, completing all three modules, you will have an opportunity to complete a feedback survey and receive a certificate of completion.

Use code UNB23 to access this training at no cost.


The ABCDs of receiving sexual violence disclosures online training

This self-paced online program, hosted within the Sexual Violence New Brunswick (SVNB) Learning Portal is designed to equip faculty, staff and students with the comprehensive skills and knowledge necessary to handle disclosures of sexual violence using a trauma-informed approach sensitively and empathetically.

Participants will:

  • Learn to assess: Understand the roots of sexual violence and the ways it is facilitated in our communities.
  • Believe: Believe stories of sexual violence through learning the ways trauma impacts the brain and body.
  • Connect: Connect with the person and then connect them with resources.
  • Debrief: Maintain personal wellbeing in trauma-affected work.

Participants will practice these skills though case scenarios and activities. Upon successful completion, participants will receive a certificate acknowledging their commitment to enhancing support mechanisms.

Training details:

  • Course duration: Self-paced, online (approximately three hours).
  • Cost: Normally $75, but FREE for UNB faculty, staff and students until August 2024.
  • Access code: Use code UNB23 for complimentary access.

Sexual violence prevention and response is a campus-wide responsibility. This training will equip you with the skills and tools to be able to help survivors reach their goals. It provides valuable insights into referring survivors to on-campus experts for continued support and outlines effective ways to facilitate the transfer of care.


Prevention and awareness

In order to decrease the amount of sexual violence on campus, a cultural shift away from sexual assault myths, victim-blaming attitudes, and the objectification of women and gender minorities needs to occur. Prevention efforts include:

  • Awareness Booths
  • Opportunities to have a Panelist / Guest Speaker
  • Annual Poster/Social Media Campaign
  • Support to Student Committees
  • Awareness Events
  • Tri-Campus Prevention Team

Request our “Activities Toolkit” which guides groups looking to coordinate events or activities that have a theme of sexual violence awareness.

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